What was old is new again is a phrase I’ve heard from time to time, be it bell bottom jeans or a dozen other fashion styles. Heinlein mentioned in one story, which I have not verified, that hemlines have a correlation to solar activity.

Music goes in cycles as well. I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing The Wellerman because it seems that every person with a YouTube account that sings has put up their attempt.

Music often has lascivious lyrics. Things that make you go “Say what?” At University I watched Footloose in the theater multiple times. I enjoyed the music greatly. I never understood why her father was upset about her dancing to Dancing in the Streets. Years later I found out it was actually Dancing in the Sheets oh my.

Back before my time there were songs of the same level of suggestion, often a bit more. Go listen to Cole Porters Some Like It Hot.

If you thought the left had a fit over It’s Cold Outside imagine what would happen over this song:

or this one:

Here’s one from them trolling the church:

To finish out our Limelighters retrospect, their take in 1961 of “Woke Culture”.

And the original:

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  1. Hah this article makes me smile. I was older than I’d like to admit when I realized what Meatloaf was singing about in “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by suddenly exclaiming, “wait he’s talking about sex!” and my father about having a stroke laughing at me.

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