I’ve been listening for songs with a connection to firearms. I’ve noticed that there are far too many songs that imply that somebody is going to get shot for disrespecting somebody else.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”
  1. A couple of good spirit lifting music to help keep the mind sharp- Volfgang Twins, viking songs, Danhiem, viking music, Payton Parrish, dark “pirate” songs. This stuff makes you want to load mags and go to war…

  2. Far too many? Actually, implying to literally resort to murder? Or could those artists be, going off half-cocked, or just jumping the gun. Or perhaps they’re just shooting from the hip, or shooting off one’s mouth, but more likely just shooting oneself in the foot. Many times, lyrists set their sights on something or someone, but them or it in the crosshairs when they should be biting the bullet and keeping their powder dry, instead of going for the long shot, downrange, with a silver bullet, acting like a son of a gun.
    Old Dead Eye, fights fire with fire, always packing heat, dodging a bullet when the time is right, believing bad situations are nothing more than shooting fish in a barrel, when in reality he’s nothing more than a loose cannon.
    The benefits of a good Columbian coffee.

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