In keeping with NYC v the rest of the country.

I’ve been to NYC a couple of times. My senior class went to see a Broadway play. It was something worth doing. Never again.

The Hotel we stayed in was expensive and felt cheap and run down.

The next time I had to deal with NYC was, I rode the bike up with my daughter on the back. We were looking for a particular restaurant. Early GPS days. We rode around these three blocks about a half dozen times and couldn’t find the actual street, much less the restaurant.

Finally, I spot a cop, roll up to him, and he starts screaming at me for running a stop sign.

Said stop sign was in the middle of the block. My line of sight to it was completely blocked by a box truck. The cop was still angry.

I talked my way out of the ticket and asked for directions. Cop kindly gave me directions. We thanked him and rode off.

We were following his directions when I realized they were directions to the Holland Tunnel and would take me off the island.

Turned back and finally found the place. Turned out that it was located a half block from where that cop was standing. The “road” I was looking for was actually an ally. The end of that ally was about 20 ft behind me when I stopped to speak with the cop.

We also did a ride through NYC with a large group of bikers. I just remember how freaking dirty everything was. I didn’t want to touch anything. The sidewalks were narrow in most places, broken, and full of garbage. The drivers were rude.

I have not seen the things that J.Kb. has seen, I’ve been luckier in some ways as I have been able to live rural for the last few years with no need to visit the cities.

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