I was TDY a large part of Friday and again on Sunday. There is an article started, but it has been slow-going. I’m learning some new tools that will accelerate things in the future.

Back at University, I was very unhappy. I was under the impression that I would be moving from a music desert to a music mecca. I could not have been more mistaken.

I went to High School listening to WCMS, 99.9FM (Almost Perfect Radio). Their original jingle was that they were the Western, Country Music Station.

There was no country station at University. It was almost like it was a leftest enclave. I listened to many different radio stations, mostly I listened to albums and those new fangled things, CDs.

One day, I heard a haunting love song come over the airwaves. It was the first song I had heard on American radio in a foreign language, German. There was even a line in it regarding Captain Kirk… I loved that song.

Nobody knew what she was singing, but it was had an energy that was fun and powerful.

Later, they released the same song in English.

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One thought on “Tuesday Tunes (on Monday)”
  1. Ha! We just rewatched “Atomic Blonde” a few days ago. Some great music in that movie, including this one.
    This song came out when I was taking German in high school. Some of their other stuff isn’t bad either. I had one of their albums, but of course I’ve no idea where that cassette is now… Re the English version, apparently the lead singer doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) speak a word of English. She did it all phonetically. Impressive!

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