A common thread in many of the left’s attacks is just how dumb we are. How out of touch with reality we are.

Listening to some city rat tell me that I can’t survive without the cities because of stock markets just makes me cringe.

Years ago, I was in a room with my mentor, his girlfriend, a mutual friend as well. We were working on some difficult programming to solve a complex 3D problem in a reasonable time.

His girlfriend popped up and said, “Come on, guys, this isn’t rocket science.”

We grumbled, then looked up at each other and laughed. “Um, yeah, it is.” We were working on an issue with the Hubble Space Telescope for NASA.

My point in this, is that people can have skills that are not obvious. People on the right often have physical and mechanical skills that the left does not consider important.

I like this song because it is another example of people underestimating some old dude just because he’s old:

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By awa

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”
  1. go ahead, underestimate me. THAT will be fun….
    fuk em, we got skills they don’t. whenever somebody pops off like they know the answer I let them have at it. often they never learn from thier ignorance.

  2. Leftists: “Those rubes are so stupid!”
    Also leftists: “We’ll scatter potting soil on sheets of cardboard and grow enough food for hundreds of people!”

  3. I’m rural and was told, in all seriousness, that I am unable to eat ‘healthy’ because there’s nowhere I could buy fresh vegetables since ‘small towns don’t have grocery stores’.

    It’s the same as AOC going on a tangent about regular people not being able to afford garbage disposals because she had no clue that, outside of NYC, the rules are different.

  4. I am trained in medicine, forensics, and computer science. When I finished my training, I was hired by the DoD to work at a facility in the DC suburbs. They said they really wanted me, and I really wanted to go, but the year I was recruited, they had no civilian slots. So, to work there, I had to get a commission. They had two Navy billets and one Army billet. I come from a military family, so I was fine with it, though I hadn’t actually been planning on signing up. I chose Army since they are more likely to let you homestead (stay in one place) if everybody’s happy with the situation. Since I was being hired for a specific thing, I didn’t want to end up on a ship somewhere else doing something else just because someone had to check a box in the Pentagon. And the Navy does (or at least did) that.
    As I was finishing up at the university I was attending, a visiting professor came by the lab I was in. We decided to go to lunch. While at lunch we found we had many shared interests and had some shared acquaintances. Then talk went to some research that had military applications. She went off on the military saying that only losers and people who couldn’t get a job “in the real world” ended up in military service. She said she never hired military people because they clearly were too stupid to avoid service. And on and on.
    Then she asked me where I was planning to go in when I finished up.
    I replied, “I’m starting Officer Basic Training in September. Army.”
    That led to a bit of an awkward silence…
    The thing that struck me is that she clearly didn’t have any friends who had been in the military (or at least admitted it to her), all her friends and acquaintances clearly shared here opinion, and it didn’t occur to her that someone would go into the military by choice. It simply wasn’t in her experience. She was convinced that all educated people shared her view of service, and assumed that I did, too.
    As an aside, awa, when I was in grad school one of my mentors was working on some Hubble stuff, too — one of the many labs trying to develop a blind deconvolution algorithm for the wacky mirrors.

    1. We had the software to simulate any lens or mirror. We were setting up to test the different mirror designs. The math and physics nerds would design a mirror/lens system. We could then model their mathematical descriptions of the lens/mirror and show them exactly how light would flow through the system.
      As part of learning our software, one of our guys modeled the Hubble. He was at JHU working on the Hubble project. For grins, he had modeled every single lens and mirror in the Hubble. So we had the model when they needed to start testing.

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