In previous years the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) National Police Shooting Competition (NPSC) included events with names like “Head Shots Only,” in which the event’s course description contends that police officers need to practice shooting directly at people’s heads.
Courses like this are only one of the many reasons why, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, activists and family members of police shootings victims call the annual NPSC the “killer cop contest.”

via NRA Hosts “Killer Cop” Competition Amid National Outcry Over Police Violence. Truthout.

Truthout is a very Progressive site. It seems they do not like cops and certainly have no love for the NRA. So I can imagine the paroxysm of having both entities together and shooting. I can imagine they may have needed some sort of counseling sessions afterward.

I have non idea how many years the NRA has been developing, training LEOs and having police competitions. If anything and from we see sometimes, there are departments that truly need both training and practice. It is amazing how some training not only makes anybody more accurate but also much more responsible of his/her shots. Confidence in shot placement makes spray & pray fire unnecessary because you are not doubtful you can stop the threat and only apply the necessary amount of force to do so.

And no, department cutbacks are not an excuse not to do it. If you consider the gun a necessary tool to keep you alive,you find the way to become proficient and even excel at it even if the money has to come from the beer & chips fund.

So let the wailing babies scream as much as they want, they are not gonna be between you and the bad guy when things go bad.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Twisted Panties Alert: NRA teaches cops to shoot accurately. End of Civilization is Near.”
  1. First of all, I am enjoying the delicious, delicious, hypocrisy. For years, the Left has been saying that only the police are trustworthy enough to have guns. That if only the police, and not regular citizens, had guns, crime would end and there would be peace on the streets. Then #Ferguson. And the Left pooped its pants that these cops have tanks and machine guns and high capacity magazines, that they use to shoot unarmed black kids and terrorize peace loving civil rights activists.

    Now the Left is anti-cop, or at least anti-militarized cop, but still isn’t sure how to square its old “only cops are good enough to have guns” with “cops are bullies who kill innocent minority teenagers and can’t be trusted.” If the Left were a little more used to logic and reason the cognitive dissonance this should cause might very well be fatal. But I think the Left might only se suffering a few migraines (and some butt hurt).


    While I am anti-cop about 98% of the time. Even I have to admit that if cops are going to be armed, they might as well know how to use their guns. A quick google search shows that the NYPD seems to shoot more bystanders than criminals. If the NRA training cuts down on the number of innocents killed in the crossfire, I’ll support that.

  2. So I went to the article and started reading the comments. One of the posters who goes by the name Jack Everett posted several comments about how NRA members are vile disgusting murderers, then goes full retard and posts

    “The Jews are one of the biggest organized terrorist states in the world.” Along with some anti-Semitic images.

    So by his – and his supporters – logic, supports are a (god given) constitutional right are evil, and bigoted Jew haters are not. Gotcha!

    The Left: a cornucopia of crazy.

  3. J beat me to it. There’s some epic-level logical disconnect there.

    Complaining that cops shoot too many bystanders because they suck at shooting, and then turning around and complaining about competitions and training that helps cops shoot better?

    You can’t have it both ways. Either cops are the “Only Ones” trained and responsible enough to carry guns, or they’re not. Either way, Joe Average CCW Permit Holder is statistically the safest person to have carrying a gun, anywhere (not that our rights are subject to statistics reports, but still…).

  4. I’m not sure the bystander/stray shot concern with these guys is why they’re pissed and protesting.
    There have been a quite a few reports of unarmed suspects being shot and some in the their backs. Like this homeless guy. Here’s the video of it happening:
    “Records show that 26 people have been killed by city police in Albuquerque since 2010, a per capita rate of officer-involved deaths higher than New York City and Chicago. Forty people have been wounded by police over the same period of time. So far, the city has paid out $30 million in settlements and officials acknowledge that amount will grow.”
    Given the complaints and history of this dept, I can’t help but think these optics just feed the antis with easy rhetoric to spew.
    There’s something not quite right with that department… I doubt this corrupt justice department will make anything better with its investigation, but form all I’m hearing there should be some sort of investigation to figure out what’s up…

      1. There have been issues with transients (homeless) as well as regular people.
        “In May 2012, one APD Officer, Connor Rice, led a foot pursuit that ended in a suspect being beaten, stomped on and Tasered after he was tackled to the ground during a non-violent marijuana offense investigation”
        Not all of their problems are violent but they are all squarely in the ‘WTF?’ category.
        “In December of last year, they handcuffed and jailed a 13-year-old boy that “burped audibly” in class, and in June of this year, an APD officer handcuffed and arrested a mother in front of her kids for $36 worth of unreturned library books. ”

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