Last month, a man used the protests outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanagh to attempt the kidnapping and murder of the Justice.

The protests were supported by the White House, which barely condemned the attempted murder.

It makes perfect sense then that Justice Kavanagh would be extra cautious about protesters in close proximity.

On Wednesday, a Leftist group Shutdown DC arranged a protest at the Morton’s steakhouse where Kavanagh was having dinner.  Justice Kavanagh and his security detail quietly left out the back of the restaurant.

The Left has been mocking him ceaselessly since then.

Much like the “Trump hid in a bunker” story after violent protesters started setting fired outside the White House, the Left loves to threaten the Right with violence then mock them and call them cowards when they retreat to safety.

Morton’s released a statement condemning the protest of Justice Kavanagh in their restaurant.

Morton’s was operating under the old rules of DC.

DC was always a place of high political tension, however it was sort of a neutral ground.  Because both sides had a presence there, restaurants, hotels, businesses, were non-partisan.  Everyone needed to eat, everyone needed to host fundraisers, you could fight somewhere else, but the restaurant was neutral territory.  Two Senators who spent all day yelling at each other in Congress and attacking each other on TV could sit at tables next to each other that night and it was peaceful.

That was then, now that rule no longer exists.

The Left broke it.

Everywhere is fair game to attack the Right.  There is no more neutral territory.

Any business that holds to the old rules must be destroyed.

Morton’s is not being besieged with fake reservations.  People holding tables then pulling a no-show, which deprives the restaurant of customers.  The Left will try and bankrupt Morton’s because it wanted its guests to have a peaceful dinner.

Now Shutdown DC is offering a bounty to working class restaurant employees and anyone else who spots a conservative Justice for harassment.


Once again, twisting the violence knob.

The Left didn’t like the decision the Court came to.  Rather than focus on Legislation to address it, they will focus on retribution through harassment and intimidation.

The message being “don’t make another decision we won’t like.”




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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Twisting the violence knob over Dobbs”
  1. “Two Senators who spent all day yelling at each other in Congress and attacking each other on TV could sit at tables next to each other that night and it was peaceful.”
    Often, they would sit at the same table. There was no real animosity against each other years ago. Congresscritters could and would be publicly vitriolic, but friendly after work. There was a time when conservatives and liberals were able to separate their political stance from their personality.
    Not any more. Decades of grooming by the leftists have created generations of adult sized toddlers that have integrated their political beliefs into their very essence. Being on the left side of the political aisle IS what they are. Example: When Rapinhoe (recent recipient of the freedom medal or some other pResidential BS honor) was asked for one word that would describe her, she said “Gay!” It is no different for these woke, leftist, statist, children. Emotion is what they are, not logic or reason.

  2. Restaurants in Orlando had similar issues with people making reservations and then not showing up. In Orlando’s case, it was because people would make reservations at several places, then show up to the one that the felt like eating that night. Restaurants fixed it by requiring a credit card to make the reservation. If you don’t cancel at least 4 hours before the reservation and then “no show,” they charge your credit card a cancellation fee, usually between $25 and $50 per person. So make a reservation for 10 people and then you don’t show up, it will cost you up to $500.

  3. I wonder what would happen if someone baited a trap for these idiots.

    It’d be a shame if they showed up and were greeted by people with baseball bats.

    Just sayin’.

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