See, according to Max here, being Ricky Shiffer:  antivax, antifa/BLM hating, trans-panicking, stolen election truther, makes you the bad guy.


It turns out the vaccines are far less efficacious than we were told and do not stop the spread of COVID.  They are in fact more dangerous than we were originally told.  The vaccine mandates did nothing to curb COVID but did do enormous economic damage by causing mass layoffs.

Antifa and BLM did actually kill and injure people, do billions of dollars in property damage, destroy businesses, and cost people their livelihoods, while the executive management of BLM pocketed donated money and bought themselves mansions.

Trans athletes are causing a rift in girls sports.  Trans activism in schools is causing emotionally vulnerable children and teens to cause permanent physical damage to themselves with hormones and surgery.

The 2020 election was full of fuckery.  CIA and FBI officials, and members of Congress used their positions of authority and credibility to smear Trump with knowingly false allegations of Russian collusion.  They called factual information about Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption Russian disinformation.  Social media controlled the flow of information, limiting anti-Biden and promoting anti-Trump messaging, posted online.  Famous the Hunter Biden laptop story by the New York Post was blocked on Twitter and Facebook.  The New York Times admitted that the media and social media conspired to “fortify the election” for Joe Biden.

Then there were the changes to election laws and procedures as a result of the pandemic.

Whatever term you want to use, it’s absolutely crystal clear that the 2020 election was not “free and fair” by any previous standards.

But the Left does not acknowledge this, or if they do, they say it’s a good thing.

Following that, there is the juxtaposition of how BLM rioters and January 6th protesters were treated.  Obviously one side being politically favored and the other not.

And then there is the juxtaposition of how Trump was treated against Hillary Clinton, Eric Swalwell, and Hunter Biden.

Hillary Clinton maintained a third party server and destroyed evidence.  Swalwell fell into a Chinese honeypot and was given a free pass.  Hunter Biden has video and recorded evidence of corruption and degenerate criminal activity, some of which has gone public.  None of them were raided.

The man who signed off on the Trump raid was the same man Trump blocked from being appointed to the Supreme Court.  Can anyone say conflict of interest?

Not just do we have ideological differences, we can’t agree on the facts.

We are two nations, occupying the same plot of land, and we are colliding at breakneck speed.

It’s not going to go well.



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Two Americas are colliding”
  1. Let’s not forget about Musk going from angel to demon virtually overnight, at least in the eyes of the left. Along with lesser fallen luminaries such as JK Rowling and Margaret Atwood.
    No wonder they can’t abide heroes of conservatives. They can’t even abide their own for long.

  2. The collision is inevitable for one reason not mentioned.
    The leftists have made their beliefs a fundamental part of themselves. Any challenge to their belief(s) is a direct attack against their person. They cannot see it any other way, because they ARE their ideals/beliefs/politics.
    Republicans are evil, end of story. If you say that Trump is not receiving equal treatment under the law, you are insulted, and told that Trump is getting the treatment he deserves because he is a criminal/tyrant/literally Hitler. But, mention that a similar situation unfolded for Hillary Clinton, and massive amounts of excuses are offered. She did not do anything wrong, the FBI did not find anything bad on the servers, she complied with any requests from the DOJ, etc… etc… etc… Meanwhile, the only difference between the two situations is political party.
    Finally, regarding the 2020 election, with a few exceptions, the fuckery that happened was/were “within the bounds of the law” sufficiently enough that a court of law is unlikely to ever take up a case. That does not mean illegal actions were not taken, I am sure the law is broken in every election. But, the drop boxes were close enough to legal, the ballot harvesting is close enough, Zuckerbucks is close enough, that no Judge will take a case that will invalidate 90+% of the legal votes to catch the 10% that threw the election.
    Curiously, the leftists are perfectly OK with Zuckerberg dropping $400M to “fortify the election.” But, they are outraged when the Koch brothers drop $40M to support a few candidates.
    Just a reminder that the first axiom of politics is always in full effect.

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