Two Miami Dade Police Officers, one male and the other female died today while serving a warrant. Details are few at this time but the eventual media frenzy is at high pitch. At this time we only know that Officer Roger Castillo is dead and the female Officer’s name has not been released.

Earlier I saw a quick press conference with Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez (MAIG) and I can swear I heard a reporter asking about the weapons used. Mayor Alavarez did not have information or was respectful enough to keep his mouth shut. If I was not a very suspicious person, I would leave it as curiosity but I have the feeling he was fishing for either the words “High Capacity Magazine” or “Assault Weapon.”


UPDATE: The officers who gave their lives were Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth. Say a prayer for them.

UPDATE 2: Watching a Press Conference now (4:15pm) According to MDPD Director John Loftus, the weapon used was a handgun. He refused to provide any details. Journalistic sails deflated. Loftus is obviously mad as hell and looks like he is 3 seconds away from beginning a general bichtslapping against journos. In his defense, every kind of stupid question has been asked and repeated over and over.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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