First, AOC:

Next, Bernie Sanders [mis]quoting/paraphrasing her:


So when AOC and Bernie say they want to be the party of FDR, what do they mean?

Do they want to inter the Japanese again?

Do they want to resist the desegregation of the military during a time of war?

Do they want to create federal housing programs that made segregation in the north possible through Redlining?

Do they want to send Jewish refugees from the Holocaust back to Germany to die in concentration camps?

Do they want to round up Jewish Holocaust survivors and ship them back Madagascar?

Maybe they just want to worsen the next economic downturn into another Great Depression with excessive economic meddling?

It amazes me just how little the Democrats know about how awful FDR was.  By every other Progressive standard, FDR should be canceled and banished to the dustbin of history for being a vile racist and bigot.

I guess they want to overlook/erase that because he got closer to making the US a socialist nation than any other person in American history.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Two socialists display their historical illiteracy/revisionist history”
  1. AOC is so stupid that it should have formed a singularity that sucks in all nearby information. I also have plenty of damning moral judgements to go along with that lack of intelligence assessment.

    Some people will best serve society by ceasing to exist (mean IQ would go up).

  2. Wasn’t FDR the guy who said “I warned you not to call me again about any of Eleanor’s n—rs. Call me one more time and you are fired.” as overheard by Thurgood Marshall.

  3. Then there are all those democrats like Stennis, Byrd, Fullbright, and 98 others (many of whom were elected in the FDR era) who signed the Southern manifesto opposing the Brown v Board of education Supreme Court decision.

  4. The other things he gets completely wrong is The party of the Civil Rights Act,.

    Her party bitterly opposed the Civil Rights Act. Republicans had been trying to pass that for at least a decade. What she’s saying is historical revisionism.

    1. Which Civil Rights Act? The Civil War era one, sure they resisted that. The 1964 one? A rumor I see quoted from time to time reports what LBJ said when he signed it: “Now we’ve bought the n****r vote for the next 200 years”.

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