Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, are back into politics with a new flavor to support fellow Vermont Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

All you have to know about Ben and Jerry shilling for Bernie is that these two socialist fucks sold out to the British-Dutch mega-conglomerate, Unilever for $326 Million dollars.

It’s easy for them to back Three Houses Bernie’s high tax plan when they live off the interest of their multi-million dollar corporate buyout cash.

For the rest of us who work for a living, it sucks.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Two typical commies”
  1. Reason #723 why I buy local ice cream instead of national conglomerate sludge. Good ice cream, no politics.

  2. Wont buy none of their crap. Socialist a$$hole. Funny how these types take every advantage of America get rich and embrace “socialism” FUK em

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