Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 per cent, Johns Hopkins study finds
‘We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality’

A new study out of Johns Hopkins University is claiming that worldwide pandemic lockdowns only prevented 0.2 per cent of COVID-19 deaths and were “not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic.”

“We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” reads the paper, which is based on a review of 34 pre-existing COVID-19 studies.

Given the “devastating effects” that lockdowns have caused, the authors recommended they be “rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.”

In the US there were approximately 893,000 COVID related deaths.

That means all the lockdowns, all the shutdowns, all the restrictions, saved at most, less than 1,800 people.

In effect, we scuttled the strongest economy on a generation and achieved nothing for it in terms of saving lives.

That is to assume that everything done was done to save lives and not cause American to turn on Donald Trump and Republicans, while transferring billions of dollars into the hands of wealthy Leftist tech moguls and Democratic donors.

The American people need to understand what was done to us and how evil it was.




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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Two years lost and it was all for naught”
  1. Please note, it’s not past tense. We are still in the lockdown. And a lot of places aren’t easing up.

    I believe (or would like to believe) at least some people in authority, when we didn’t know a lot about COVID (thanks China et.al), were doing what they really believed would help. Now, though? Not so much.

  2. Any covid restrictions put into place past the summer of 2020 are acts of war against the populace, and have nothing to do with health. The politicians implementing this stuff are either idiots, insane, evil, or some combination of the three. There needs to be a reckoning. This includes the corrupt medical experts and the disgusting propagandists working for the associated press. All need to be on trial.

  3. The silent generation and baby boomers in charge sacrificed everything because (1) the Coof was more deadly to them and (2) they went all Palpatine and got boners over their unlimited power. In turn, they were more than willing to destroy everyone and everything outside of their little inner party/nomenklatura cabal. Just to get a little bit richer and stay in power just a little bit longer.

    And may they spend eternity with Satan and Hitler spit roasting them in hell for it. All of them.

    1. Now do HCQ and IVM.

      If we did, then COVID would not have been a big problem. An effective treatment would have done more for millions. Just ask the Indians, Brazilians and Japanese. But thiose drugs are Generic. No one is going to make Billions on a generic drug. They will make Billions on barely effective vaccines with some serious side effects. They might have made tens of millions on generics as a treatment, but that isn’t enough for the greedy bastards.

  4. You realize, of course, that Trump was president for the entire first year of the pandemic, right? The first lockdowns, including the one imposed in Florida by DeSantis, occurred under his watch and continue in the months that followed. 2020 is the year when the economy dived and 2021 is when things started to turn around.

    I’m not defending Biden here as, obviously, certain things have continued under his watch but I think it’s kind of important to remember things the way they actually happened.

    1. Yes. And I will criticize Trump for not pushing back against the lockdowns harder when very quickly they proved to be useless.

      DeSantis figures out lockdowns don’t work and is now anti lockdowns.

      It’s fine to be wrong at first, e.g., masks and lockdowns to slow the spread.

      Its not fine to continue to push this destructive bullshit once its proven that they don’t work and the costs to society are too high.

      The Left is still hanging on to masks and lockdowns despite all the evidence.

  5. When the narrative on this virus was “no natural immunity, millions dead in the US alone first year, five to 10 years before a vaccine, etc.. etc… etc…” a short hiatus to normal activity was (possibly) warranted.

    However, as soon as the model they were using to predict spread/hospitalizations/deaths turned out to by bogus, they continued. Not because of medical data, but because of social media pressure. (Oh, and idiots like Fauci).

    No politician is going to risk being wrong, and taking anything less than the most extreme action. That is political suicide. Better to go large, and pull back, than risk the wrath of the populace. The real problem is everyone got convinced counting “cases” was the correct metric, not hospitalizations or deaths, simply tracking positive test results. That over inflated the pandemic, and it pushed the politicians to continue the lockdowns.

  6. One key item that to this day is rarely mentioned: from the beginning, the Democrats latched onto Covid as the silver bullet that would finally, finally, take out Donald Trump. Everything they did from the start of 2020 was in service of that effort.

    Re Greg’s comment that Trump was president for the entire first year: yes, that is true. But his enemies were in control of the narrative. That includes nearly all media outlets, as well as most of the political-medical complex. For example, it is becoming more and more blatantly obvious just how much Fauci is and always has been both an enemy of Trump, and an enemy of science.

    1. Indeed. Witness the flop from “I’ll never take a vaccine Trump helped to get developed” to “We must all take the vaccine or else!” from various parts of the Left.

  7. “ approximately 893,000 COVID related deaths”
    I don’t know how to emphasize, more, just how large a LOAD OF BULLSHIT that statement is.

  8. Critical thinking really is a lost art, isn’t it?

    1) The “study” was done by economists, not by anyone with any medical expertise whatsoever. That makes the conclusions as farcically dubious as if doctors told you how to run a bank. And that’s before we note that if you laid 100 economists end to end, they’d point in all directions. It’s pure fallacious bullshit, front to back, and everything in between. Enter Confirmation Bias…

    2) The original point of lockdowns was never to “stop” deaths (which is itself ludicrous in a pandemic), it was to spread them out over time, rather than overwhelming all healthcare everywhere, simultaneously. For anyone to whom that’s news, I hope your peckers are longer than your memory.

    3) The initial spikes were those places which did no such locking down, and then doubled down by putting infected people into convo hospitals with immuno-compromised elderly, which is why NJ and NYFS had the highest death rates per capita nationwide for the first year, by a yuuuuuuge margin.

    4) Subsequent spikes started after Labor Day, peaking a year ago, precisely because people who were stupidly locked down, far from the pandemic, when it was jackassical, were tiring of the nonsense just as it reached them, whereuponthey ignored all sensible steps, which was even more jackassical. This is why If you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.

    5) The main case for initial lockdowns was refuted by experiential evidence by Memorial Day 2020, and should have ended then, permanently.
    After that, most of the pre-vaccine spread has been by people convinced the pandemic didn’t happen, and that the disease is imaginary, until they or someone they knew caught it, and it either kicked their ass, tried to kill them, or succeeded.
    This is known colloquially as the “Grab the hot stove with both hands to make sure it’s really hot” method of gaining wisdom. It is not recommended, but the sum of IQ is a constant, and the population is growing.

    6) The lockdowns were continued, precisely as CBMTTek noted above, because they were latched onto by the Demotards as the perfect crisis not to let go to waste, to enable them to openly steal the 2020 election, and stage a bloodless coup against Trump. The fact that it nuked the economy from orbit, just to be sure was, for them, a happy accident, as well as a serendipitoous shortcut to gutting the middle class (whom they always wish to kulak and gulag anyways), and which demographic is not only mainstream conservative, but also never as bog-stupid as both the lumpenproletariat (who vote for a living instead of working for one), and with the upper class twits and twats, always insulated from the consequences of their recockulous and calamitous economic policies.

    7) Since the peak a year ago, the pandemic has been continued mainly by means of the vaccines and via the vaccinated themselves, as the vaxx destroys the immune systems of the immunized, and makes them serially more susceptible to infection and re-infection than the unvaxxed, particularly to mutated strains, which sloppy and leaky non-vaccines produce and encourage, as if they were movie Gremlins showered with water.

    Sensible quarantines and even lockdowns have been used successfully for millennia, and only an ignorant jackass would listen to the dubious conclusions of Johns-Hopkins economists over the evidence of recorded world history on that score.

    The takeaway lesson is not “no lockdowns”, it’s “no jackassical and nonsensical lockdowns”, which is what the world has labored under for most of two years, and counting, entirely to destroy freedom, choice, and liberty, rather than any effort to stave off the spread of disease. To date, only (formerly great) Britistan, and Denmark, AFAIK, have sensibly bailed out of the bullshit.

    If we could lockdown idiots instead of economies, we would achieve a much more harmonious outcome. Starting with the Pretender In Chief of the current Banana Republic administration, and his cronies and sycophants in both houses of Congress.
    Never Trumper RINOs, call your office.

  9. Power is a drug worse than meth or cocaine. And like drugs, power WILL turn people stupid, like Florida Man tweaker stupid.

    The world’s leaders let themselves take that first hit of Lockdown Power and got hooked. And when they got hooked, they got stupid. Now, things are coming apart for them, because they missed both Feared and Loved, and landed on Hated. They’re now objects of contempt, world wide.

    They blew it… but most tyrants do.

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