There has never been a problem the Left couldn’t solve by exterminating some undesirable percent of the population.

Throughout history, Leftists regimes have identified one group or another as the cause of all of society’s problems and proposed to fix the problem by getting rid of the group.

The Nazis are best known for doing this to the Jews, but they were not alone.

Benito Mussolini made the trains run on time by shooting people.

The Soviets sent countless people to the gulags.

Zimbabwe eliminated white farmers.

In America in 2022, the Democrats have decided that babies are the root cause of inflation.

The way to bring down the cost of diapers, formula, and even gasoline is to exterminate children in the womb.

The end of this ideological road is Chinese style compulsory abortion.

These people are evil.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Typical Leftist problem solving”
  1. Left sick liberals solutions to everything is as yall said, abortion.. thier goal is like islam- get rid of all non believers. 50 plus years of liberal whining comes down to abortion. We will see in Nov..

  2. She’s evil. No other word fits.

    Do these people not realize they’re writing A Modest Proposal without the satire?

  3. Not necessarily evil. One of the inevitable outcomes of leftists/statists adoration of the collective.
    The goal of leftism is to make the individual’s relationship with the all powerful State paramount. All other relationships are secondary, or eliminated.
    Love and marriage between a man and woman, verboten.
    Love of a parent for a child? Nope, get rid of it in favor of government run day care.
    Love of an individual for a friend or neighbor? Nope institute a social credit system to turn everyone into your opponent/enemy.
    When you replace the natural human emotional state with an unnatural one of caring only for the all powerful State, you end up with this type of logic. Human life is officially now cheap.

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