I have never understood the impetus to decide what other people need and should be allowed to own.

I’ve seen it in the gun world for my entire life.

“You don’t need an AR-15.  You don’t need a 17 round mag in your gun.  I’ll tell you what you need and stop you from owning what I think is excessive.”

We’re seeing it more and more in the car world.

“You don’t need a truck or an SUV.  You don’t haul or tow anything, so I’m going to stop you from owning it.”

Tyre Extinguishers is a group dedicated to that.

Eco-mob brags about deflating tires on luxury SUVs in Boston, leave patronizing notes for owners

According to the group, they are “defending” themselves “against climate change, air pollution and unsafe drivers.”

They even issued a press release to explain why targeting those they deem to be too wealthy is totally justified.

“The group took this action to render the large greenhouse gas emitting vehicles unusable, directly preventing the outpouring of emission from the vehicles into our atmosphere which further contribute to climate change and air pollution,” the statement reads. “Only large, luxury, gas powered SUVs were targeted by the group; no tires were deflated on electric or hybrid vehicles nor any vehicles with handicap signage.”

They were, they said, good enough to leave leaflets on the cars they vandalized “to inform the owners about why their vehicle was impacted, imploring them to stop using their SUVs and switch to public transportation, biking, or smaller compact electric and hybrid cars.”

Here is their celebration on Twitter.


They targeted Beacon Hill, one of the wealthiest and most Progressive areas of Boston, a very Blue city in a very Blue state.


Because they are a bunch of fucking cowards.

Do that in the South to some redneck’s lifted F-250 on 37 inch mud tires that are $800 a piece.

Hell, go into a working class neighborhood and do it to some construction worker’s pickup so he can’t get to the job site in the morning.

Get caught and I guarantee if they survive, it’s going to take a team of proctologists to remove the tire iron from the offending Extinguisher’s rectum.

The Mercedes G-Wagon driving banker who voted for Warren and Biden might feel that they deserved it.

The guy putting in 50 hour weeks pouring concrete or putting up drywall will want to murder someone.

I honestly hope these people do try and harass the wrong truck drivers.  It will thin the herd of assholes like this.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Tyre Extinguisher Cowards”
  1. Years ago had an idiot on my college campus do that to a bunch of SUV’s and trucks. He got caught and charged w/ multiple felonies since not only the tires were destroyed, it bent rims.

    The ‘we hate big trucks/suvs thing is the latest fad by the sad and desperate to think they’re meaningful.

  2. It would not surprise me if the people who committed these crimes are in fact part of a political staged strategy, designed to achieve the results needed to expand within the extremely leftist state, a greater following through which to mount even greater efforts to create a more submissive society in the future—this was a step in many steps, required to achieve the goal of ending individuality and instituting socialism-communism.
    The victims offered themselves as sacrificial lambs for the slaughter, so to speak. I believe it was staged.
    What needs to happen here is, we need to know each individual’s identity, what vehicle they drive, where they live, and more importantly, who pays them for their time and effort to break the law.
    When I see activist such as this group, it tells me they already know the electric vehicle emits a much larger carbon footprint and creates a more damage to the environment than gas-powered internal combustion motor vehicles. A leftist always resorts to illegal means to an end when they know what they have embraced is a …….lie. The lie must not become the focus, a deceptive virtue must replace it.
    Somebody in power OKed this criminal act or they would not have initiated it. There was no risk and only reward, or it would not have taken place. And they’ll never try this in any place but within the global elite’s front yard,

  3. Reminds me of the animal rights sect that was throwing paint on people wearing furs to the opera, gala fundraisers, etc. to “raise awareness” or some such crap.
    Strangely enough, they never seemed to want to try that at a biker bar, even though there’s a lot more dead animal skin to be found there, than at the Olympium Theatre on any given night.

  4. Ruining perfectly good tires is counterproductive to helping the environment. Tires are one of the most serious waste disposal problems, so they’re creating extra waste sooner, and effectively encouraging more tire production.

  5. “… will want to murder someone.”

    Or, to borrow from “Harry Potter”: will want to main or seriously injure. 8>)

  6. But you DO notice they never do this in places that have guns…. Beacon hill deserves more of this type of treatment imho…. Like the wackos burning Hummer dealers….

  7. Far-sighted of the Texas Legislature to include property crimes as eligible for defensive use of deadly force. Other states are advised to consider that model.

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