One California institution employs a unique method of lawncare on campus.

Every June, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory near UC Berkeley uses a herd of goats – numbering in the hundreds – to graze on lawns to reduce risk of fire.

Video caught this year’s flock of 800 goats hurtling down a hillside as workers stopped traffic to let the animals pass.

The Daily Californian spoke with Thomas Price, maintenance supervisor for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who called the goats a ‘crowd pleaser.’

The goats are provided by a local family business, Goats R Us, which also sends a herder to manage the flock.

The herder lives on the laboratory campus full time while there with the goats, moving the group across the 202-acre property with the help of several dogs.

‘After five or six weeks, having completed the circuit of all our perimeter open spaces, the goats depart, moving on to their next customer,’ Price say.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “UC Berkeley becomes the Playboy Mansion of the Taliban”
  1. That’s one hippie idea that I actually can’t laugh at because we do the same thing w/ a cow and goats. Only had to mow my yard once so far this summer.

  2. Fun fact, the world was designed to fit together and work. It’s remarkable what kind of synergy you can get when you utilize that.

    Instead of trying to force it together by clear-cutting forests to make space for solar and wind farms.

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