UCLA Shooting: Another Unimpossible event becuase we have Gun Control.

Moms Demand UCLA shooting

First: I spent easy 30 minutes looking for confirmation on the “being despondent about grades” and could not find a reliable or even a non-reliable source. You decide on your own what to think.

Second: They really do not see the contradiction, do they? UCLA, in California, prime example of gun control laws including a prohibition of guns in campus which they assure us is the perfect recipe so events like today never happen again!

Yet, somehow the shooter managed to walk into campus with a gun and kill the professor and himself.

Once again, good wishes and printed paper do not stop evil actions.

3 Replies to “UCLA Shooting: Another Unimpossible event becuase we have Gun Control.”

  1. “Common sense” of gun control advocates:

    Concealed carry should’t be allowed on campus because a legally armed student could shoot someone (even though it doesn’t happen).

    We need more gun free zones even though they are proven to be a gigantic failure, but only because there aren’t enough gun free zones… or something.

    1. This is what you get when you ignore the numbers.

      Concealed carriers have a crime rate two orders of magnitude lower than their peer groups across the board, and a raw murder / unjustified shooting rate that is so low it is not statistically tracked by any major reporting agency.

      On the flip side, Gun Free Zones are the home of over 90% of mass shootings.

      Hard numbers are hard, man. Especially for persons who are perpetually ruled by their emotions.

  2. I thought this was being blamed on Milo’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” (he chose that title) yesterday where a couple of triggered SJW homophobes got shouted out by all the attendees who aren’t going to roll over and take it anymore.

    Good speech. Worth watching. Language warning.

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