We here at the Gun Free Zone have covered just how deadly a punch to the head can be.  Not all lethal blows require head trauma.

The nut shot is many things.  It is one of the soft spots that women’s self defense instructors tell women to aim for during an attack.  It is an illegal move in contact combat sports.  It is a staple of comedy.  Everybody loves watching some guy get kicked in the boys.

It is also, apparently, lethal.  A man in Cleveland died after getting kicked in the bits so hard a testicle ruptured, became infected, and caused gangrene.

An unarmed attack is no laughing matter.  Just because an assailant doesn’t have a knife or a gun doesn’t mean you will survive.  Death can take you in many way.  Above all, be prepared to defend yourself.


I just can’t imagine how painful dying from an infected, ruptured testicle would have been.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Unarmed Attack”
  1. A buddy of mine lost a testicle when he was a kid, it was a freak sporting accident. He has grown up to be a quasi-insane jarhead, and we all love him, and he has managed to turn his “one nut” into a pick-up line. It’s worked for him, too. Who’d have thought?

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