I’m going to keep bringing these up because they are important.


The victim did not die, thank God.

But he did lose consciousness, which means a concussion and some sort of brain injury.

The most dangerous part of these sucker punches is that when the victim falls over and his his/her head on the ground.  That is usually what is fatal.

This guy probably survived because the way he fell he hit butt first then hit his head.  When the guys topple over sideways and strike the ground head first is often fatal.

The attacker was charged with two counts of assault, but really this should be attempted murder.

Unarmed does not mean not dangerous.  A sucker punch from an adult male is devastating.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on ““Unarmed” does not me “not dangerous””
  1. Yeah, i like when folks claim that shooting an unarmed man is never called for. My reply :How many times should I let someone punch me in the face before I use lethal force? I’ve seen too many one punch deaths, TYVM, or at the least, severe injures. In the above case, you don’t need to be a psychic to know that the odds are better than average the the punchee likely said or did more than one thing to provoke the puncher. Not saying it’s ok, just saying that a lot of people are walking around extremely pissed off at one thing or another, and it doesn’t take a lot to push them too far. Be polite.

    1. What a wonderful man:

      “Jurors heard testimony about Gutierrez gang affiliation and past criminal history including sex offenses before deciding his punishment. He was also accusing of assaulting his fiancé while out on bond awaiting trial.”

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