Another one punch kill.

MMA fighter, 23, ‘kills Florida Air Force soldier, 31, with one punch during Panama City Beach bar fight’

An amateur MMA fighter was arrested after he allegedly punched an Air Force soldier behind the ear in a Florida bar brawl – killing him.

Ross Johnson, 23, was running to help his friend in a fight outside of the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Panama City Beach on Sunday when he punched 31-year-old Dayvon Larry – causing him to collapse, police said.

Johnson, who has three years of ‘advanced fighter training’, didn’t attempt to get help for Larry and instead supposedly told a witness, ‘I think I killed him.’

Johnson has three wins and two losses on his MMA record. The victim’s autopsy showed he had a skull fracture and a bruise the size of a ‘softball’ behind his ear.

Police allege Johnson only hit Larry once before fleeing the scene by using a ride share service. 

The solider was pronounced dead at a local hospital after paramedics failed to revive him through life-saving measures outside of the bar.

One punch behind the ear.

Bleeding low and at the back of the brain puts pressure on the cerebellum and brain stem and causes death.

Murdered by a cheap sucker punch to the side-back of the head.

Just because someone is unarmed doesn’t mean they can’t kill you.


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By J. Kb

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