The left is very good at lawfare. They know how to get judges that will rule in their favor and who will grant injunctions that act nationwide.

We saw this during the Trump years. The president would sign an executive order and some federal judge in some leftist hell hole would decided that he knew better than the president and put a nationwide injunction in place blocking the executive order.

Even when the right gets an injunction from a judge it is often limited in scope as much as possible. In one case during the Trump years the judge issued his injunction and then put a hold on the injunction because he knew it was being appealed.

Florida has been on the forefront in the fighting woke indoctoration in the schools and in businesses. In the first blows struck DeSantis worked for and then signed the Parental Rights bill making it illegal for school personnel of any sort to teach sexual issues (trans, gay, or straight) to K through 3rd and all such instruction had to be age appropriate there after.

It use to be that you didn’t know a teachers sexual leanings. That was something for their home life. You might guess that some male teacher was gay because of certain behaviors, but it didn’t really matter and it was not an issue for students. It fell into the “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation. Private matters were private.

Today teachers advocate for all sorts of causes. “Gay Pride!” If you can advocate for gay pride in the classroom can my kid get equal time for “straight pride?” Nope, that’s homophobic. If you can advocate for BLM can my kid get equal time for All Lives Matter, much less White Lives Matter? Nope, that’s racist.

Teachers had free rein to advocate what they wanted. So Florida did something about it. They did it as a representative Democracy. Of course the left melted down and demanded that the law be stopped.

In April, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis into law a bill that would limit CRT in schools and businesses.

Many businesses are forcing employees to attend struggle sessions where people that are not part of the privileged group are forced to denounce themselves and others like them.

The problem is that these DEI training sessions are becoming mandatory. Just like the sexual harassment training that many businesses require. For the Sexual Harassment training it always is the obvious things they talk about and tell you not to do. “Don’t grab her breasts.” “Don’t require sex for promotions.” “Don’t make sexual advances on your coworkers.”

How about they answer “When is it ok to date a coworker and how do you ask a coworker out on a date without it being sexual harassment?”

People were getting fired for not saying they had “white privilege.”

This week U.S. District Judge Mark Walker said that the “Stop Woke” act violates the First Amendment.

So it is against the First Amendment to stop struggle sessions but not against the First Amendment to not attend and to not parrot the required sayings. Something is wrong here.

We need to keep fighting and we will keep winning. Don’t get discouraged. Just stay the course.
Judge blocks Florida ‘woke’ law pushed by Gov. DeSantis

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Unelected man overrules state legislature and Gov. DeSantis”
  1. All of this BLM/Pride/Indigenous people’s land acknowledgement is just a way to get Judeo-Christian European/western people to distance themselves from their culture and heritage.
    I have heard too often that “whites do not have any culture.” which is absolute crap. But… woke whites believe it. They will ignore the mountains of western culture that exists, because some artist from the Yucatan Peninsula is famous. Like the Greek philosophers never existed, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner… Nope, not culture. Newton, Galileo, Davinci? Never heard of them.
    Remember, the leftist believes the relationship with the All Powerful State should be your only real relationship. Family, spouse? Secondary. Neighbors and friends? Tertiary at best.
    To achieve that, they must destroy those relationships. Making whites ignore their heritage and culture, and replacing it with one they have no connection to is just one step on that path.

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