I saw this segment on Tucker Carlson last night:


I found the NPR bit that he referenced.

Meet the queer people who practice shooting to defend themselves from hate groups

Mass shootings targeting LGBTQ spaces and a rise in anti-trans rhetoric have inspired some queer people to take up arms. New Hampshire Public Radio’s Todd Bookman joined the monthly gathering of a gun group that sees firearms as key to their own self-defense. And as you might imagine, the story does include the sound of gunfire.

Mass shootings targeting LGBT spaces are not on the rise.  There is no evidence of disproportionate targeting of LGBT spaces.

The last two mass shootings of LGBT spaces were a nightclub targetd by an ISIS supporter who didn’t know it was a gay club and a gay club shooting by a non-binary queer insane person.

Not attacks by right-wing white supremacists.

BOOKMAN: Groups like Rainbow Reload exist around the country, often called pink pistol clubs. It’s a place for experts and the gun-curious to practice and improve their shooting, but this goes beyond hobby. There’s a practical goal here, to prepare and protect themselves.

SMITH: If the world is dangerous, then you have to be dangerous back. And that very much has pushed me into where I am now.

JAMIE: There’s been an uptick in hate crimes. There’s been an uptick in groups that have been protesting drag story times and drag shows. And it felt like I needed to learn how to protect myself.

GUARDIAN: I mean, if you go far enough left, you get your guns back.

On principle, I believe in the right of people to keep and bear arms.

On the other hand, these people are Antifa tankies.  Rainbow Reload claims to be non-political but many of these people here associate with groups like the John Brown Gun Club and Socialist Rifle Association.

They are radical Leftist activists who have bought into a narrative of oppression.

This is something I have written about on this blog before.

There is absolutely zero evidence of targeted murders of transgender individuals.

Transgender people are not murdered disproportionately to their numbers, in fact their murder rate is below proportion.

The reality is most trans women who are killed are killed while engaged in criminal activity, namely prostitution.

Turns out that the vast majority of transgender people murdered were hookers who were killed by Johns who were mad that they ordered the taco and got the sausage and meatballs.

The rest were the victims of typical crimes, including robbery and domestic abuse.

But to listen to The Narrative, transgender people are the victims of Right-wing Christian white supremacists genocide.

Here is where things get dicey.

We have, for years, been told that Right-wing speech is violence.

It’s been proven that the Left believes that Left-wing violence is speech.

Under the reasons that these LGBT people claim to want guns is parents protesting against gay porn books in elementary schools and drag shows for children.

It’s a threat to them when we say “don’t sexualize kids in school.”

The Narrative has established that I am the threat that they feel they need to defend against because I don’t want my kid’s classroom to look like a Pride parade.

We’ve seen these Antifa protecting drag shows with guns.


So what happens when the shooting starts in a district with a prosecutor that is ideologically aligned with them?

When some commie tankie tranny yeets a mom angry about a drag story hour in a library?

Right-wing speech is violence, so is it a good shoot?

I support gun rights but I prefer my Leftist shock troops unarmed.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Unequal enforcement of the law and gun rights”
  1. One saving grace of this is We the People FAR outnumber those that are far left. I am all for EVERYONE being armed.. however when you believe leftist groups and media then I get a bit uneasy…if and when the country goes kaboom its gonna be fun..

  2. I LOVE the warning about “the sounds of gunfire”. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

    This piece was written up in the Laconia Daily Sun (aka, Pravda on Winnipesaukee).

    In unrealized irony, there was a piece in the same issue about the Jewish Federation of NH’s response to graffiti down at the coast (Portsmouth, IIRC). Are you ready? The Federation was giving out flowers to accomplish…no freakin’ idea. “Hate has no home here”? Whatever.

    I wrote a letter to the editor making that point.

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