My Take: Uninformed juries produce incorrect outcomes

Kyle Rittenhouse represents a character in the larger story of the divided American society. I follow these events and the attitudes and opinions surrounding them as an expert researcher focused on healing divided societies. There are many bifurcations, and the casualties that are not being discussed are healing and truth. His acquittal is a springboard, and the public is now at increased threat.

No criminal trial is motivated by healing or truth. Trials are about fact finding and fact exclusion. The truth, for example, that after pleading not guilty earlier this year Kyle posed with Proud Boys while flashing a white power hand sign and T-shirt that said “Free as F—,” was not allowed in trial. Rittenhouse remains “Free as F—,” unpermitted facts notwithstanding.

This process focuses on justifying punishment for offenders who have been convicted beyond reasonable doubt, but uninformed juries cannot make informed decisions.

This is not justice, and it does nothing for healing. The families of the victims, the communities, Kyle Rittenhouse, and so on … nothing about the process is intended to help them heal or find closure. Punitive justice serves a role, but there are other options. The verdict only affirms that the US remains committed to its long history of vigilantism, an ugly bloodlust embedded throughout the American mythology promoting white supremacy.

Not once in his OpEd did he discuss a single fact in evidence presented to the jury.

Not once during the trial did White Supremacy or any racial issue come up, even from the prosecutors.

The Proud Boys has nothing to do with Kenosha at all.

The jury was informed, presented with evidence, video recordings, and eye witness testimony, and made their decision.

This asshole didn’t see any of that and instead inserted his own ignorant opinion.

This man is a professor of conflict resolution.

I think he should be fired for writing this.

Clearly he’s unable to do his job and is unqualified for his position if he can’t discuss a single bit of trial evidence and relies only on his prejudices to make decisions.

His students should demand refunds.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Uninformed Professors write idiot OpEds”
  1. By “white power sign” is he talking about the “OK sign”? That is one of those centuries old gestures that lying idiots have suddenly claimed to be “racist” on zero evidence (of course).

  2. You’re thinking about this incorrectly. All you say is true; that’s why he was hired. It’s been a long time since fact and logic had anything to do with academia. Trust me; I spent my life there.

  3. Does this guy also think that the jury should have known that Kyle’s assailants were a pedophile and a serial wife-beater, or nah? I mean, these are also truths that the jury was not permitted to see.

    “I follow these events.” Clearly not, sir. Maybe if the police had been permitted to do their actual jobs by The Powers That Be, Kyle would not have felt compelled to protect businesses under attack by raging mobs of arsonists and vandals. Maybe if small business owners weren’t watching helplessly while their entire livelihoods circle the drain, we could actually heal our divided society. But as long as we allow lawlessness, with no repercussions, we’ll keep getting more of it.

    Which is by design, I’m sure.

  4. “an expert researcher focused on healing divided societies”

    I would love to hear where his expertise has been successfully applied.

    (I suspect his efforts have always led to more division, strife, violence, and poverty.)

    1. You misunderstand “healing.”
      Sometimes, in order to heal the patient, unhealthy tissue must be excised.
      In the view of the social healers, America needs what Russell Baker (huh, I thought I remembered it being Art Hoppe) once called a “radical semi-ectomy.”

  5. He did something I did not like, so he deserved to go to jail.

    No… not shooting his assailants. That is secondary. Flashing the OK sign, and wearing a t-shirt that the professor found offensive.

    Emotions are more important than facts. See… simple.

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