White liberal dude thinks himself advanced and fails brutally.

And he is being murdered in the interwebs for doing blackface and “Whitesplaining” the Black life. The comments in Amazon are illustrative.

Here is a couple:

This guy bought an afro wig at a costume shop and put on dark foundation to pretend to be Black to see how that went. He was surprised when it didn’t go well. I’m so confused as to why a white man thinks he has some unique take on Blackness, so much so it was worth writing a book over. It was not. Why read this absolute garbage when you can listen to Black people when they tell you that all is not copacetic?


The very thought of this sounds like white privilege and hypocrisy. Though no matter what his intentions are this reeks with the smell of black face.

and this one:

A white man in black face is NOT the way to learn about racism in America. It is not groundbreaking and it is not daring. It’s offensive and gross. Black people in America tell us every day about the racism in this country. Listen to Black people. Believe Black people.

It is not groundbreaking, but I don’t believe the commenter knows why, but I shall explain: It has been done before.

Black Like Me: Griffin, John Howard, Griffin, John Howard, Bonazzi, Robert: 9780451234216: Amazon.com: Books

Black Like Me (1964) – IMDb

I saw the movie as a kid and I could not help myself think, “how come realizes it is make up? He does not look black!”

Oh well, if it wasn’t for guys like Sam Forster, I would not have material for the blog.

Hat tip to Sean S.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Unoriginal Woke gets blasted.”
  1. hey America! are you tired of being beat over the head EVERY second on how awful and shitty you are??? I know I am.. if “racism “ was as bad as these liberal white pussies think THEY would still own blacks… fuk him

    1. Awful lot of non-white people spending everything they have to get smuggled into this horribly racist country.

  2. From the Amazon comments: A white man in black face is NOT the way to learn about racism in America.
    Maybe not the way to learn about racism, but is it not the perfect way to experience first-hand racism in America?
    The Woke Left is constantly beating the “check your privilege” drum. This guy actually did, in possibly the most literal and real way imaginable … and they condemn him for it.
    Because when the Woke Left says “check your privilege”, they don’t mean “give up the advantages of your race or position” (a.k.a. “level the playing field”), they mean “give us the advantages of your race or position” (a.k.a. “tilt the playing field in OUR favor”).

  3. So… let me see if I have this right.
    A white man dresses up/pretends to be black in order to search for and find racism in the US. And, is surprised to find out it exists? I refuse to believe it.
    What if a Christian decided to dress up and act like a muslim, seeking to find anti-Christian attitudes among the muslim communities? Do you think they might find it? Oh, what if a secular humanist pretended to be a satanist… etc…. etc… etc…
    Go on a witch hunt, and you are assured to find a witch.

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