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Japan stabbings: Children among DEAD after knifeman kills three in park RAMPAGE

According to reports, the attacker stabbed at least 15 children at a bus station near a park in Kawasaki. A suspect has been arrested following the attack local media have reported. The attack took place at 07.44am local time (10.44pm BST).

I don’t believe this.  I have been totally assured that this sort of thing ONLY happens in the United States and only because of our gun culture.

As of yet, it is unclear as to the motive of the attacker on Tuesday morning.

Wasn’t Trump just in Japan?  It must be Trump’s fault.

And the NRA.

A witness told Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK): “I heard screaming, then I saw a man standing with a knife in each hand.

Japan has some of the most restrictive knife laws in the world.  Japanese knife laws make London knife laws look permissive.

“Then he crumbled to the ground.”

According to local news outlet NHK, the attacker stabbed himself in the shoulder before being detained and subsequently died at the scene.

Must have been one of those extra lethal assault knives with a high capacity ghost clip that goes up.

US President Donald Trump offered “prayers and sympathy” to the victims of the horrific attack.

Trump also added: “All Americans stand with the people of Japan and grieve for the victims and for their families.”

Everyone who listens to Hollywood and the Democrats know that “thoughts and prayers” don’t do anything.

Here is how restrictive knife laws are in Japan:

Blades of all kinds are controlled in Japan via the Swords and Firearms Possession Control Law of 1958, which was amended in 1993, 1995, 2008, and just now in 2018. Here’s the gist of it: owning a knife with a fixed blade longer than 15 cm requires permission from the prefectural public safety commission, but only for home ownership. Pocket blades on the other hand, including Swiss Army knives etc. are legal to carry around as long as the blade is shorter than 6 cm. Anything longer and you will need the same kind of permission from the prefectural public safety commission… UNLESS the blade exceeds 8 cm in length, in which case it is banned outright.

You need a permit to have a 5.9 inch knife at home and you can only carry a pocket knife with a blade less than 2.2 inches.  If you get special permission, you can carry a pocket knife that is all of 3.1 inches long.

So a man running around with two fixed blade knives in public is doubly banned.

From the same article above:

You can also petition the government to possess spears, some switchblades, Bowie knives and other assorted blades, but you will similarly have to keep them in your home. A notable exception are double-edged daggers which were banned around the country under the 2008 revision of the Japanese law after they were used during the Akihabara massacre to murder four people. Japanese knife laws may be strict, but no one can argue they don’t exist for a good reason.

So after a single mass stabbing with a double-edged dagger, all double-edged daggers were banned.  If that seems like a ridiculous over-reaction than… you are probably right.

Also, notice that such a ban didn’t stop this mass stabbing from happening.

All the restrictions on possession in Japan didn’t stop this mass stabbing from happening.

The reality is that bad things can happen anywhere.  Bans only affect the law-abiding.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Unpossible mass murder in Japan”
  1. “Japanese knife laws may be strict, but no one can argue they don’t exist for a good reason.”

    I’ll argue that they don’t exist for a good reason. As you pointed out, these laws don’t actually stop anyone from committing murder.

    1. @crawford421: You beat me to it.

      In addition to not stopping anyone from committing murder or suicide, punishing every innocent person in a society for the actions of one criminal is not a good reason for a law’s existence.

      Hell, if knives caused crime, my church community would be the deadliest and most dangerous group in town. Nearly every person over the age of 8 regularly carries at least one blade. (Most of the dads are farmers or tradesmen and carry some kind of knife as part of their profession, and we teach our kids safe knife handling early.)

      Japanese constables and Everytown nanny-moms would s#!t themselves at our barbecue events. 😉

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