Update in the Starbucks Shooting.

It seems local PD was aware of the guys, they started after him, he got away, got in the coffee shop, attacked the woman, got shot by the civilian, ran away and it was finally tased down by the cops.

However, this is troubling:

 As for the “Good Samaritan”, Hansen said he did have a concealed weapons permit, but investigators will need time to determine if deadly force was required in this situation.
“Once we look at it to see if that helped stop the attack on the clerk, those kinds of things will make the determination on how that all plays out,” Hansen said.

‘Good Samaritan’ shoots man attacking Starbucks barista

When they use quotation marks, you know they are really putting down the gentleman.  Maybe the local PD is pissed because a 70 year old managed to do what they could not or simply they have a hard on for CWPs.

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  1. A shooting in a public place is not as cut-and-dried as a shooting inside the shooter’s home. I’d be worried if the police automatically took the shooter’s (presumably) self-serving statement as fact, without further investigation. Since there were presumably other witnesses, and maybe security-camera footage, the shooter should turn out all right, if the true story is what is presented here.

  2. So what I’m getting here is they’d rather the poor barista get attacked.

    Man, don’t ever work at Starbucks. If I had an employee shortage, I’d start headhunting at Starbucks. “Fair wages, no dirty needles, and a company that actually stands behind you.”

    1. These disarmed victim zones seem to be very common in franchise companies. 7-11 is a notorious example, and in many ways a worse one since those stores are more likely targets than Starbucks.

    2. Clockworkgremlin Inc., sued for transgender, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment by new employees.

      Augh! This should be under the post above.

  3. The female clerk had head injuries. I suppose they can’t intervene in Utah unless they can see exposed brains?

    He stopped the attack, and didn’t do a magazine dump into the attacker.

    Maybe the problem is he isn’t a good Mormon?

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