Tell me this country is run by a cabal of pedophiles without telling me this country is run by a cabal of pedophiles.

Do that by doing a long Twitter threat sympathetic to pedophiles.

It’s been deleted but screenshots are forever:


I will not sympathize with the pedophiles.

Normalize pedophilia and I will normalize public woodchippering of pedophiles.

I guarantee you society would be far more receptive to the gory public execution of pedophiles than allowing their children to be molested.

Hell, we could make a whole reality show out of it.  To Catch A Predators meets Wheel of Fortune.

Here’s my wheel:

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “USA Today tries to normalize pedophilia”
  1. I like buried up to the neck next to a fire ant mound for all violent and/or sexual predators.
    That’s what I call “equal opportunity”.

  2. In the 1996-1997 school year, we had our very first exchange student, a lovely young lady from Romania (we attended her wedding in Barcelona in 2018). I learned all about their national hero, Vlad The Impaler and his gruesome but effective method of execution. I like how it evolved using rounded end impaling poles (instead of pointy ones) carefully pushed through the body so the condemned lived longer sitting on the crossbar baking in the sun. Legend has it he lined the main road in and out of his kingdom with thousands of impaled criminals at once as a strong message to his enemies.

  3. OK, one cannot necessarily control what they find attractive. One guy might like big butts, another might prefer the meth addict look. Not my job to tell them they are wrong. Whether I understand it, agree with it, or are repulsed by it is meaningless.

    Acting on it, when your sexual attraction includes children… now, we have a problem. I do not care whether you are born that way, or had some childhood trauma that made you like that, doesn’t matter. No, no nope, not happening on my watch. Adult level consent is a requirement, end of story. Children cannot provide that consent.

    The normalization of this “not my fault who I am attracted to” is step one. We all know what step two is, and that is a step too far. This is not gay/trans rights. That is an adult consensual interaction. This is not.

  4. Honestly, it’s not worth the cost to your soul to torture them to death, as satisfying as it might seem.

    Just shoot them and move on.

    1. Fortunately, a lot of those are “set it and forget it” methods of torture. Start it and walk away; the process will take care of itself.

      But I get your point; the degradation and destruction of the despicable is not worth the degradation and destruction of oneself required to make it so.

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