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Police are still looking for the men who they said threatened a youth football league coach with a gun and then began beating him after a dispute over playing time. The coach’s wife pulled out a gun and fired it in the air to scare the men away.

via Group attacks Wichita youth football coach over player’s eligibility; coach’s wife defends with gun | The Wichita Eagle.
How dare that couple have the means to defend themselves from a mob! And from the description in the article, the attackers had a long history of being disruptive and overall idiots besides truly dangerous as this bit lets you know (but CSGV kinda forgets to mention:

One of the men lifted his shirt to display a handgun tucked into the waist of his pants, Espinoza said. Moments later, five or six other men began beating up the 37-year-old coach. One of the men used a set of brass knuckles, Espinoza said.

This was not just a parent or two exchanging bad words in front of kids. This was a mob with the serious intent to issue great bodily harm to the coach and had the tools to do it.

The coach broke free of his attackers and went to his car for a second gun, which he pointed at various people in the crowd, Espinoza said

Fortunately both the coach and his wife had the guns to stop the attack before any serious damage was done. The bad guys as good bullies decided that losing red bodily was not really what they wanted and beat hasty retreat.
But let it be known that even when the evidence is overwhelming, stupidity must win the day because it is in the zero tolerance regulations:

The coach who was involved in the clash and pulled out a gun after being attacked has been relieved of his coaching duties, Burris said. His wife was also dismissed from involvement with the team.

“He’s been a great role model” for kids, Burris said of the coach, who has been with the Tigers for a few years and worked in the league for at least 15 years. “He’s really helped.”

Despite that background, Burris said, “you can’t take weapons out around children.”…

…“Nothing like this has ever happened in this organization,” said Burris, who said he has been affiliated with the Tigers for 20 years. “We pride ourselves on zero tolerance for anything that goes on.”

Apparently being beaten to a pulp by a mob would have been a better example and experience to the kids than stopping the aggression dead cold before any grave damage happened. As long as all the Politically Correct “T”s are crossed and all the Social Justice “I”s are dotted, Death or Grave Bodily Harm are just a nuisance than can be overlooked.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Use of a gun saves a person from grave bodily injury or death, CSGV freaks the hell out.”
    1. You can’t sue to get your volunteer position back. And the league is “entitled” to have their zero-tolernce policy.

      What helps is publicity like Miguel provides to counter-balance Moms Demanding Attention and the lack of thought behind the league’s zero-tolerance.

      stay safe.

    1. Eventually, yes.

      The trouble is, until the “New Media” came along, they had an equal “Zero Tolerance” policy for dissenting opinions, and are now far too entrenched to be dug out quickly.

      It doesn’t help that the Media Narrative is on their side, too.

  1. I wonder if any of the other coaches will be back next year?

    I bet all of them will finish the season for the kids’ sake.

  2. “One of the men used a set of brass knuckles”

    That is deadly force and the coach would have been justified with responding with like force. I guess being beaten to death trumps self preservation.

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