I keep finding more and more interesting stuff in Social Media.  In my last post, I had this photo of Kyle Rittenhouse being almost brained by a “skateboarder”.

Before  anything else, please indulge me and watch the video of the shooting again starting at 00:15 and the guy that gets close to Kyle. Notice how weird he moves.

And then I find these two pics:

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Notice the “skateboarder” on the right of the first pic holding his chest, skateboard not quite reaching the ground. I presume he is one of the dead.

Yes,  the alleged medic raises his hands announcing he was unarmed but it was a ruse that unfortunately for him, did not work.  In the second photo, you can still see him holding to the pistol he probably drew as he jumped on the kid. My guess he tried to do a John Wick close-up kill but reality got there first.

I have seen over and over these past three months Antifa complaining that the cops were “attacking” their medics which is a war crime and whatnot. I might be mistaken, but you cannot be a combatant and claim the alleged respect given to medics.  There have been plenty of claims of people (undercover Antifa/BLM) prancing around, camera in hand with PRESS patches attached to their chest and backs, only to join the fracas when they think nobody is looking.

And that only can mean that anybody with Medic or Press identifiers, will probably be treated like the rest of the commies: Harshly.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Use of deadly force under the cover of being a medic”
    1. What’s truly pathetic about all these Pantyfa/Burn-Loot-Murder/”peaceful protesters” commie douchebags is that they’re are the first ones to girly-scream “Help, call the police!” when their shenanigans are exposed and they have to face the music. SMH
      And all this after months of badly-rhyming chants about defunding the police. Hypocrites much?!

  1. It may be just how that still came out, but it looks like the bad guy is using the skateboard like a sword — striking with the edge, at the neck. Any halfway decent hit done that way will likely paralyze if it doesn’t kill the victim outright.

    1. There is a movie with Sean Penn as a youth offender in juvenile detention. He is told that he is going to be attacked. He goes to the soda machine and buys three or for cans of soda, puts them in a pillow case and uses that as a weapon.

      The amount of damage 12 oz in a hard container can do can be dealt.

      We have a bunch of backseat sofa lawyers telling us that the kid should have known it wasn’t a fire bomb. And he should have known it wasn’t going to kill him…

      1. Yup. The same sort of idiots who complain about self defense against an “unarmed” attacker. Or an attacker “merely” armed with a baseball bat. As if proportionality were a requirement for justified self defense. Not to mention that the test is “death or grave bodily harm”. And even if one were to stipulate the rather bizarre claim that “a firebomb isn’t going to kill you” it is not debatable that it can cause grave bodily harm. Major burns clearly qualify, and depending on where the fire lands it could easily leave the victim blinded.

  2. There’s a moment when Rittenhouse hits the pavement and someone seems to grab his gun and try to pull it away. Right around the 17 or 18 second mark.

    Anyone there doing security has got to know that if they take your gun, you’re dead.

  3. Criminals are dead or wounded and the hero will soon be freed.. more of this needs to happen so maybe these idiots will get the hint that we have had enough of their childish behavior, burning, looting, and killing..

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