This is an epic disaster.  Layers of disaster and fuck-ups.

A teacher left a locked door propped open.

The SRO was not on campus.

The SRO responded to the 911 call and drove past the gunman because he was hiding behind his truck.

A gaggle of Uvalde police officers got shot at and retreated and stood around in a hallway with their dicks in their hands and their thumbs up their asses waiting for BORTAC to arrive and to get the keys to the classroom.

It took over an hour from the 911 call to actually putting lead into shooter.

After Columbine we knew the only way to address an active shooter was to immediately find him and kill him.

That was reinforced during Parkland.

Aging in Uvalde that was ignored and there were casualties because of it.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

When the report comes in of “shots fired at a school,” it should be a race among the officers to be the first one to kill the shooter.

Instead, we got another LEO circle jerk while kids died.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Uvalde massacre was the result of layers of f*ck-ups”
  1. The SRO at my kids’ school has two children of his own that attend that school. He is personally invested in stopping a shooter and I have 100% faith in him to do literally whatever it takes, professional consequences be damned.

    The Border Patrol agent who went in happened to be BORTAC.

    He was not called in because he was BORTAC, though.

    The real reason he went in was because his daughter was at that school.

    He gave zero shits what the on-scene supervisor might have been screaming at him.

    1. 100% faith? Like the faith in the Uvalde cops? The ones that went in and saved THEIR kids and left the rest to die? The ones that tased /handcuffed/physically tackled the parents to stop them from going in? That faith? I pray you’re correct, but the past proves you wrong.

  2. I want the names of every officer who failed those kids to be put into the public record. Front page of every newspaper in the country. I want it known far and wide so they can forever be remembered and shamed by their family and community as the cowards that stood around and let kids die.
    They may not be bound by a duty to protect . . . fine. But you get to die a coward’s death daily until the day comes to be judged.

  3. The names and photos of every meat sack with a badge, doesn’t matter if they’re local, county, state, or federal, who was on scene and failed those kids should be put into the public record immediately.
    They should forever be remembered and shamed by their family and community as the cowards they are that stood around and let kids die.

  4. It’s often been said that cops aren’t first responders, they are second responders. But it seems that in a number of big cases — this one, Parkland, Pulse night club — the cops actually have been “not at all responders”. And indeed, that’s not a crime. But I agree with Ragnar that there must be consequences for such gross moral dereliction.

  5. I Do Not Want to Hear Excuses, Reasons or Apologies.
    Dissolve that Department.
    Yank ALL there LE Certifications. None of them should EVER be a cop again or security guard.

    They should be run out of the town by the people of the town, but i digress

    And Now the Politicians Attack US, Gun Manufacturers and Our Ability to Defend OURS.

    Yeah 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Ya’ll.
    I been around too long, seen too much and heard more.

    I don’t fuckin think so.

    I got camera’s to install and more to buy.

    1. Yup.
      SSRI’s are a culprit in afew…incidences.
      They dont wanna talk about that anymore than they wanna lock them up.

      Generations of kids raised on the damn things.
      The Cant Cope Kids…..presure, loosing, challenged, dont agree with them bunch.
      And the Colored Hair Crowd

  6. The cops hung back because good American gestapo follow the orders their bosses give them.
    “Mass Shooter Immediately Stopped by First Responders” isn’t the kind of headline Obama, Clinton, and Soros want to be reading.

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