What the absolute fuck is this?

“The vaccine nearly killed me, I’m going to do it to my children.”

What sort of parent thinks like this?

Especially given how resistant children are to COVID.

This isn’t good parenting. This is a cult of child sacrifice.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Vaccination has become a cult of child sacrifice”
  1. simply, just how freaking hard must the Holy Bat Of Clue smack you across the back of the head?

    left in a damned ambulance? WTAF? AND, getting the kids injected?

    Words. I have no words.

  2. Mass formation psychosis.

    I don’t get these idiots or those like Jim Carville. All working from a flawed premise – the vax doesn’t work, it’s leaky, and in fact made matters worse.

    My daughter’s like this. Hassled me about getting a booster before christmas ‘to make sure all of us will be safe’ I told her she was nuts, it clearly doesn’t work, and as a cancer survivor with a battered immune system I had more to fear from her kids than they me.

    Here’s the funny thing. She and her husband got the vax booster. One of the kids brought it home, and they all got it.

    Now, if you hadn’t known any of the hysteria, you’d say “Bad week, my kids all had a stomach bug and we caught a cold”.

    1. Carville is quite easy to understand: he’s a professional propaganda monger. There’s no reason to believe anything he says, especially since there is no reason to believe he believes any of it himself. (Consider that he’s married to another professional propaganda monger who propagates the exact opposite — would they stay married if they believed any of that stuff?)

  3. These SWF people run on pure, unthinking, definitive, but everchanging Emotion. Logic and Facts are like Kryptonite to them.
    They knew masks don’t work, until suddenly cloth masks did, then it must be double masks, and now it ABSOLUTELY MUST BE KN-95, so they have one KN-95 they have used for a week folded up in their purse.
    These are the same people that think half the people that got the Chinese Coronavirus died, and their entire family will die too. Even though they are well past the wrong side of their 30’s and their kids are kids, and they all already had COVID, with the 37 positive home COVID Tests to prove it.
    They are College Educated, barely literate, completely innumerate, but know everything they need to know is on the View, the Talk, TMZ, and Jimmys’ or Trevor’s late night show. They have no man in their children’s lives, and exiled their own father from his grandkids lives for his “sexist, racist, homophobic views.”

    1. When the mask debate first started in early 2020, it was stated very clearly that N-95 masks should be used only by professionals (a) because they actually need them, (b) because they only work if fitted professionally to the individual wearer. At that time, it also came out that China was shipping lots of things marked “KN-95” masks, which (1) are NOT N-95, (2) do not meet N-95 specifications, (3) more often than not don’t do much of anything. (I’m not sure if “KN-95” is actually some sort of Chinese specification for protective masks, but I do know that Chinese consumer protection law only protects Chinese consumers; exports are unrestricted and can be as fake as the maker wants them to be without any legal trouble.)

      1. I’ve seen people (including hospital staff) wearing KN-95s. I’ve seen pictures of people wearing KN-95s. In no case did it look even remotely possible that the mask, being held vaguely in place with ear loops, was making any kind of seal around the face.
        Of course, ordinary medical masks are even worse in that regard.

        1. I’ve seen the same. My working hypothesis is that “KN-95” is a marketing tag invented in China to sound like N-95, applied to glorified painter’s dust masks.

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