I’m still feeling under the weather. Today was senior pictures day. Which meant I hauled out the camera gear. That’s multiple studio lights, multiple light stands, backdrop, and backdrop stands. And I forgot how to set the camera up.

I blame it on the illness. I should have set the aperture to f8 or smaller. Instead, I left it at F5.6 and spent the entire session fighting my lighting.

So you get to look at next years venison.

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By awa

5 thoughts on “Venison on the Hoof”
  1. Completely off-topic but I love the googly-spiral eyes on the spam post’s avatar. Seems … appropriate somehow.
    And yes, not a bad photo.

  2. I’m not sure why you’d want to close the aperture. The blurry background looks nice, and a smaller aperture would have brought that into focus. Is the issue the mostly dark image? That doesn’t call for a smaller aperture but rather for an exposure adjust setting, perhaps +1.

    1. The picture of the deer was shot at f/5.6 which is as fast as that particular lens will go at 300 mm. The exposure is 1/100 and the ISO is 1000. Back in my film days, I would have used ISO 800. I had the camera set for aperture mode. I just checked the shutter speed to make sure it was fast enough that I could handhold the camera for the shot without shake.
      When I do studio style photos, the idea is to set the combination of f-stop and shutter speed such that your backdrop is pure black. I should have set the camera to f-8 1/250 which would turn the backdrop black. I wasn’t paying attention. I forgot to put my camera into manual mode, which left it in aperture mode. I set the ISO down to 100 (correct). And then didn’t set the aperture or shutter speed (WRONG).
      This meant that my studio lights were over driving everything. 400W at 1/16 normally is good for the main light. I might even have to boost it to 1/8. With the aperture open, that’s not what I got.
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