Samm group of protesters shows up at a drag show event and get attacked by an Antifa goon who is shortly arrested alongside two more of his fellows. Everything gets caught on camera.

These are several random observations I had. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

1) They are well funded. They have gear that does not come cheap for people who are probably not holding a high-paying job. If somebody feel like doing the math and add up all the stuff they are carrying, it will be very welcomed.

2) They use misdirection and layering a lot. Two were keeping the protesters distracted while the third sneaked in and sprayed. Right after the attack, two others with long guns step in to block field of view and possibly distract with menacing.

3) Hard and fast actions against them makes them lose confidence. Once the first arrest started and the couple of “helpers” ended up tasting asphalt, the rest pretty much became docile observers. Good thing because I am willing to bet they were being tagged by PD overwatch from an elevation(s) nearby. The cops themselves had their own layers/shields of officers with long guns and probably bad attitudes. Knowing that they were facing somebody who had the legal ability to shoot them and get away with it makes a shit load of difference on your ego. We are restricted by law to respond as defensive measure only and only in the extreme. Antifa knows that and also knows they can initiate actions to escalate violence because they will be bailed, and legal fees paid for by others while we cannot afford such expenditure.

4)  Media is truly an accomplice and/or enabler of Antifa. I have not seen splashed across the headlines the fact that several heavily armed goons wearing bulletproof vests, attacked 5 peaceful unarmed folks well away the drag show, one of them an African American. Our side shows at a Moms Demand rally wearing NRA shirts and heckling Shannon Watts, and you bet your ass it makes it on the national news that we were White Supremacists violently intimidating poor moms worried about their children not being shot in school.

OK, you add your own.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Very educative video.”
  1. Oh, now I get it…. Its ok for antithugs to be armed…. My take- from a place you cannot see will come a sound you will never hear. Poor situation awareness by protesters. Why engage so close to badguy. Notice bad guys had umbrellas to hide from cameras… warning warning!! Where is protesters video cams, walking sticks?? Just stay home, stop putting your self in harms way. If you must, do it the same way the thugs do.. learn, watch the enemy, do it like they do. Have several real video cameras, overwatch, radio/cell phone comms to let you know whats approaching…

  2. Hm. Police actually willing to arrest antifa assailing (presumbly) conservatives. That’s a bit of a change, generally speaking.

  3. I’ll expand on Miguel’s point. This is not a grassroots movement or organization, but rather a well-constructed, well -paid mercenary organization created by extreme leftist, wealthy anti-Americans who use distorted interpretations of the freedoms of the constitution and bill of rights for the purpose of attacking true moral American Patriots.
    And they have bought and paid for protection, within the judiciaries they wage war within. There are no winning conflicts against them, within those areas of our states. It’s time to move away from their protected areas and begin to contain them within those areas. Expansion should not be tolerated, containment is essential.

  4. 1) Why are these mostly-peaceful “people” resisting the police? They’ve clearly done nothing wrong.
    2) The LARP attire gave the police decent handholds.
    3) Their kit does look pricey, especially the helmets. The rest could be knock-offs.
    4) As @it’s just Boris noted, it’s nice to see LE actually arresting these things.
    5) I was surprised at the resistance to arrest. Won’t Kamala be raising bail money by the end f the day. What’s the fuss? They’ll get “street red”.
    6) When moron #1 was calling help, all I could hear was Dennis from Monty Python and the Holy Grail yelling that he’s being repressed. 8>)

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