I posted about the gun safe I installed in my truck and portable security for cars while traveling.

I am in Oregon with a shitload of shooting gear and some dead time between checking out of our hotel and checking into another.

I’d like to get out of the car and not worry, so I put mu plans into action.

I rented a small SUV and this is how my guns are secured.


I have the Pelican case locked with two padlocks. A steel cable through those padlocks and locked to the tie-down points in the trunk.

Is it perfect?


Did it travel on an airplane under 50 lbs and will it be resistant to someone who pops a window with a punch and tries to pull it out of the trunk?


Additional security measures involve not stopping in bad areas and only in nice looking suburban areas.

This is where local crime maps are helpful.

I’m currently posing from a Starbucks in a suburban shopping mall in a nice community in Southern Oregon.  There is a Trader Joe’s and an REI in the same mall, if you want to judge the neighborhood.

I can see my rental car from my seat.

Security is a matter of layers, and this is enough of a layer to resist a smash and grab in a parking lot.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Very portable gun safe”
  1. Very nice.

    Maybe toss an old beach blanket over it? Or better still, a dark grey blanket that would cover the case label and cables? Something to keep the casual glance from becoming a longer look.

      1. Gotcha. And it does look like a nice setup, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, I travel too much and tend to be on the overprecautious side, so.

    1. I keep a couple for the old Wool Army blankets in the back of my cars just for this purpose. Not only is it a nice neutral color that complements the interior, it is useful for picnics, or just laying out on the ground when working on the car. They are also nice and warm if we get stuck somewhere and the weather happens to be chilly.
      The cable and locks look to be more than sufficient to stop any quick smash and grab attempts.

  2. I saw a video that 11 eastern counties in oregon are seriously considering joining Idaho.. good way to secure your toys Mr J. Enjoy the trip.

  3. I’m glad you got out of Portland Metro. FWIW, Tualatin is a suburban bedroom community of Portland. Still a liberal shithole where they would probably vote to abolish the police if given the chance to virtue signal on the issue, but still… better than Portland.

    If your nice Southern Oregon town is Medford – caution – that’s just California Del Norte, and likely ‘up’ a notch on the heat map due to Methamphetamine along the I-5 corridor. You should be feeling nice and comfortable once you’re east of the Cascade Mountain crest…. at least I sure do! Have fun in Oregon J~~

  4. What size or model is the pelican box?
    Did you buy the cable pre-made or make it your self and how long and what diameter is the cable please

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