There is a political theory known as the “Horseshoe Theory” that states that the political spectrum is not a straight line from far-left to far-right, but that as you go from the center towards either extreme, the political spectrum folds back on itself to the point where the far-left and far-right are nearly touching.

This has lead to a the creation of an interesting internet game, StormFront or  SJW.  It takes statements made in various internet posting from either the White Supremacist website StormFront or from SJW Tumblr and edits out key words and asks you to decide who said it.

Watching the coverage of the VA shooting, I think Vester Flanagan/Bryce William took the horseshoe and made it go full circle.  I remember when kicking off a race war was the paranoid fantasy of ultra-far-right-wing white supremacists.  It was easy for the media and the rest of society to dismiss those people as nut jobs.

With Flanagan, not so much.  Flanagan is the left-wing grievance industry personified, and this has led to some very odd reactions by those in on the left.  Community activist, liberal think tank CEO, and CNN commentator Sally Kohn made this tweet:

kohnKohn then goes on to explain how she believes violence is not justified… blah, blah, blah.  But the point is NOT ONE RESPECTABLE JOURNALIST looked at Dylan Roof’s manifesto and said “you know, he’s right about some stuff.”  Make no mistake about it: Flanagan/Williams is Roof, Roof is Flanagan/Williams.

A quick peek at some of Miguel’s previous posts, the internet, twitter, are just full of far-left wing/SJW hate.  Rather than tamp this down, the “thinkers” in the media are justifying it.  The media had to explain why violence in Ferguson and Baltimore was justified for reasons of Social Justice.  The #BlackLivesMatter activists have been emboldened to become more and more aggressive with candidates, ultimately shutting down an event by Bernie Sanders.  There has been a rise in police ambush shootings  which is believed to stem from a sense of social justice retribution.  And some of the other things the SJW crowd is calling for is downright horrifying (not a Poe’s Law parody), I’ve seen this movie, I don’t want to experience the sequel.

Here is the ultimate danger.  There were thousands of members of various far-right-wing, white supremacist, “militia” groups that rallied around the Waco Siege and Ruby Ridge massacre.  They published newsletters and had meetings, but were mostly harmless.  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people following that rhetoric.  So if Flanagan/Williams is Roof, is there a SJW McVeigh around the corner?  And if that does happen, will we have the privilege of watching the smartest people on the news say “bombing a building is bad, but these people were justified in feeling that is it was because of oppression.”

I for one don’t want a race war.  I don’t want riots.  I don’t want want to be targeted for extermination or mutilation.  The social justice movement is reaching a critical mass.  I just hope it doesn’t blow us all to hell.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Vester Flanagan, the CSGV, and going full circle”
  1. There is a basic flaw in the premise. Fascism, like socialism, is a variation of communism. Fascism, is not a right wing ideology, it is an extreme left-wing ideology. So, it is not surprising that members of a National Socialist Party (Nazi) would sound just like members of the Democrat (Socialist) Party.

  2. “I remember when kicking off a race war was the paranoid fantasy of ultra-far-right-wing white supremacists.”

    Except that was never the case. The idea of a racist Republican party is a long-term Democrat lie that they’ve repeated loudly enough and often enough that even Republicans are beginning to believe it.

    All of the most racist people I’ve ever encoutered, including the most racist person I know, are Democrats, and the most racist (and sexist and homophobic) statements I ever see are almost always uttered by the most liberal of Democrats.

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