According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City’s tough gun laws has resulted in an increase in stabbings; and apparently that is a good thing.  The violent crime rate may be going up, but fewer people are getting shot.  This is a victory for gun control.  Just don’t tell that to families of the victims of these stabbings.

*Door bell*

Police Officer: “Ms. Smith, we have good news and bad news about your husband.  Which do you want first?”

Ms. Smith: “The bad news first.”

Police Officer: “Your husband was killed this morning on the subway during his commute.”

Ms. Smith: “Oh my god!  Then what’s the good news?”

Police Officer: “He wasn’t the victim of gun violence.”

Now I might be a pessimist, my wife tells me that I am, but personally… if I find my self shitting into a bag through a hole in my side because a piece of metal has pierced my guts, I really don’t care if it was a bullet or steak knife that did it.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “VICTORY!!!”
  1. This does seem to be the thought process of gun critics,all other murders are alright as long as it wasn’t done with a gun.This is a scary theory of theirs,to me dead is dead no matter what weapon was used.I will choose the gun for my defense,I think odds will be better for survival.Gun critics might opt for the slower death of a knife or being beat to death or worse,I will take my chance with the quicker death of a gun thank you.

  2. There really isn’t a way to describe how much of a dumbshit de Blasio is, but the people of NYC are getting exactly what they deserve.

  3. Also note that numbers like this came up under Bloomberg’s rule, and it turned out the chief of NYPD was cooking the numbers and shooting AND stabbings were up those years, just the NYPD cared more about numbers than public safety.

  4. Have a link for that Weerd? Always thought Giuliani and Bloomberg kept the crime down with borderline unconstitutional policing techniques. Would be interested to see evidence to the contrary.

  5. @ Anonymous: The scandal broke in 2009 – 2010. Not much national coverage to it though. The Giuliani administration did reduce crime (drastically). Bloomberg enjoyed several years of riding Rudy’s coat tails, but eventually numbers started to get tweaked to hide increases in crime. The Village Voice broke the story and had a multi-part investigative series called “The NYPD Tapes” (I will post the first one in the series below, you should be able to find the other ones).

    Another interesting note is that the guy in charge of CompStat at the NYPD was Garry McCarthy, who later became the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Dept in 2011 under the Rahm Emmanuel administration. And wouldn’t you know it, Garry brought the same cooked numbers of Compstat with him:

    Of course, in Chiraq, you can only hide/manipulate the numbers for so long.

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