“ZOMG! The poor young baby being abused!”


I love the way they blur the teen to “protect” him from… something or other. You can almost only see the cops raining punches and taser on him and he not relenting which should be the first hint something is not quite right with the slant of the story. Then I saw something it caught my attention: the size of the teen’s thigh. Holy crap, that does not go with a small gangly teen.
So, I looked for the unedited video and it was provided.

That is one big asshole. He is taller than the cops and easily outweighs each cop individually. He chose to resist, he lost.

I hope it is a lesson he learns.  But I doubt he will.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on ““Video of Florida police officers punching teen sparks outrage” (But only if you shade the facts)”
  1. the more things change….. just like the rodney king video… if you saw the WHOLE video, which I did, when he quit putting up a fight the cops quit hitting him… the more they stay the same… the “media” has more guilt in causing problems than every criminal racist in the Country.

    1. Many years ago when TASERs were new, I was on a panel looking at the effects of TASER deployment for the National Institute of Justice. A lot of NGOs were claiming that TASERs were very dangerious and should only be used when the only other alternative was lethal force. There had been a bunch of lawsuits claiming that TASERs were cruel and unusual and claiming permanent harm. We reviewed a lot of data, and a lot of police responses to the controversy.
      One of the things that struck me was that there were a couple of jurisdictions who simply stopped using TASERs and instead decided the police were better of just shooting people. The thinking was that there were clear policies about shooting people, and they had been tested in court over the years. The police knew where they stood and what they could do. With these new TASER things, everything was up in the air, and the jurisdiction didn’t know what their liability was. So, even though TASER deployment resulted in lower injuries, death, and (though you never hear this) lower claims of abuse, the jurisdictions decided it was safer for them to shoot to kill.
      Happily, that’s mostly changed.

      For the report, see: https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/233432.pdf

      1. Well, we live in a world where the people who swore body cams would put an end to policing are now calling body cams violations of the privacy of criminals. Apparently police are nowhere near as bad as they claimed, and the criminals behave in ways the normal person sees and thinks “yeah, that was deserved”.

  2. Oh, and the body cam video from this will almost certainly see him doing something especially stupid, like hitting one of the cops, for no more reason than he just doesn’t want to hear “no”.

  3. Why would he learn a lesson from this. All of his peers and media heroes will continuously harp that he was the victim here….

    1. Absolutely correct GuardDuck, he’ll be praised, congratulated, and fully supported because he resisted the Racist Police. He will then be trained to be better prepared next time, when he gets older and even stronger.
      When LE arrives on a similar scene because they were called to come and ‘Fix’ something this particular culture created, they should just make the following statement, “We are damned no matter which way we chose to act here and you all just want to make lots of money, so fix it yourselves he’s all yours.”

  4. Queue parents and family in front of the camera claiming he was a “gentle giant” and “just a big teddy bear”. (Sound familiar?)
    At least until the cops’ body cam footage is released showing what really happened.

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