So hid big idea is to use taxation to seize all the income from people who don’t want to be vaccinated, passed on a party line simple majority vote?

Punitive taxation.

And the IRS gets to know noy just your vaccination status, but your religious and medical history as well to decide if you get an exemption or not.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Vox Columnist wants to kick start Revolutionary War 2.0”
  1. What a disingenuous wimp. Why doesn’t he just be honest and demand that 51% of the population vote to have the other 49% lined up and shot? You know that’s what he wants. It’s democracy!

  2. did you catch the chart on who would primarily end up being taxed? Scratch a progressive and find a racist.

  3. I seem to recall something about punitive tax on tea not working out so well for king George… Do journalists have to have a HS diploma, or did he skip class when we were talking about American civics?

    1. Many “journalists” are young and have been taught that the Boston Tea Party was about perpetuating slavery and an attempt to blame it on the indigenous natives (which is why they costumed themselves as “Indians”).

  4. Damn… It is almost like this jackhole wants the events of “What I Saw at the Coup” to become reality. He must not have read the full story.

  5. Theres over 800THOUSAND of We the People who own multiple REAL machine guns….. not to mention 200 million plus Americans armed…. It will be bloddy noisy and quick…let THEM start it..

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