Mayor de Blasio has limited how many people you can have in your own home and his NYPD are enforcing that edict against Jews.

There are at least three Constitutional violations I can count in this video.

This is literal Nazi bullshit right here.  Not “Democrat with TDS hyperbole” but actual “the police are looking for Jews hiding upstairs” Nazi bullshit.

New York City is failing the Jews in the Attic test.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Waffen NYPD is hunting for Jews hiding upstairs”
      1. The Philadelphia Police Department can help with that one. They’ve got experience there . . . they just need two pounds of Tovex per house and a helicopter.

  1. I am expecting Führer de Blaiso to start construction a wall around the Jüdischer Wohnbezirk in Brooklyn any day now…

    • On 12 October 1939, the “General Government” was established in the occupied area of central Poland by the invading National Socialists;

    • 20 November 1939, bank accounts of Polish Jews exceeding 2,000 zł were frozen;

    • 11 December 1939, all Jews in Warsaw were forbidden from using public transit;

    • 26 January 1940, they were banned from holding communal prayers due to “the risk of spreading epidemics”;

    >>> YOU ARE HERE <<<

    • 1 April 1940, construction of the wall around the Jewish neighborhoods began.

    • 15 November 1940, the wall is complete and the National Socialists close the Warsaw Ghetto to the outside world entirely;

    • 22 July 1942, the Warsaw Umschlagplatz – “collection point” – becomes operational and the first boxcars start heading to the Treblinka extermination camp.

    1. If you can stomach history, read _Ordenary Men_. It is the history of reserve police battalion 101 and how the became a part of the “final solution”

      One of the many things I learned was that the ghettos were emptied many times. There were troops that did it on a regular basis. Once a ghetto was full out would be emptied and all the people put on the trains. Then more Jews would be collected from the surrounding area until the ghetto was full again.

      We do not want these power hungry jack booted people to get anymore power.

        1. It is a scary look into how peer pressure, propaganda and a willingness to do just a little evil can lead to horrific results.

          These men, for the most part, were not NAZI, they were reserve policemen, think NG MPs more than run of the mill policemen. These reserves were one of the ways Germany got around the treaty of versailles (?)

          In the end they ether directly or indirectly murdered over a 100 thousand Jews. With thinking like “I’m not going to kill that baby, I’ll help the mother carry her baby to the train station…”. Yeah, they knew the train going to the camps.

          I got through and couldn’t read a history book for a couple of months. Had to go to light reading, _Stainless Steel Rat_ I think

  2. What are the voting demographics for the NYC Jewish community? Is that going to change or are they going to continue to vote themselves into the next ghetto?

    1. They’re voting for the bear to eat them last. They’re voting to say “we’re not like the others!” in the vain hope the Anti-Semites will accept them.
      They’ve forgotten that once you start feeding the beast, it will keep coming back for more.

    2. Orthodox Jews are almost universally Republican voters, however they’re such a small minority group that even in those few areas where they can be found in large numbers (Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; etc.) they don’t have any significant impact on the results of the vote.

    3. Liberals Jews don’t care about their Orthodox cousins, so Liberal Jews will still vote Democrat. See my previous post on Sarah Silverman.

  3. “ And it’s not a new idea. I first saw it on an old news reel from the 1930’s, but it was hard to understand because the narration was in German!“ – George Carlin

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