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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “War in Europe but no mean tweets”
  1. Benny may be right, but. Let’s do a thought experiment.
    What if a Trump presidency would have resulted in Russia invading Ukraine, and a Biden presidency would not have? Assuming you could know that beforehand … who would you have voted for?
    Unless our direct national interest at fairly high levels are at stake, I don’t see a reason to place foreign interests above domestic when choosing who to vote for. I feel for the people in Ukraine, but I’m not about to throw my own country under the bus for the sake of another, if I have a choice in the matter.
    Digression … Honestly, in some ways I’m grateful Biden is in office; the economy would have taken serious hits the past couple of years in any case due to the COVID response. The Democrat regime under Biden has made it worse than it had to be, not the least because of the blocking of domestic oil and gas production; and we are graced with seeing the full majesty and power of Democrat policies foreign and domestic. Hopefully this will be remembered.

  2. Yeah, I remember people saying Obama was going to be a “One Term President Just Like Carter.” All Hail President Romney! I think lots of people said the same about Billy Lewinsky Clinton after the 1994 Mid term blow-out too.
    The Biden Disaster was baked in after his First Week(!) of Executive Orders. Stop building the Wall, Stop Keystone XL, Leave Trashcanistan on 9/11, Stop all new federal oil and gas exploration leases, Bring Ukraine into NATO, Go Woke and Tranny in the Military. I know i am missing other EOs and “Federal Initiatives” that are going to make future F. Joe Biden Caused Disasters. Anybody have some warnings?

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