Libs of TikTok has been an invaluable resource for videos and stories of groomer teachers.

The content produced has been noticed and the account boosted by Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

This has caused Libs of TikTok to catch the ire of the Left.

The Washington Post, a paper owned by the second wealthiest human on the planet, sent one of its most supine and diabolical shit rakers to destroy the person behind the account.


This is how far they went.


The Washington Post article published the account holders name and at one point had an embedded hyperlink to her real estate license, her employer, their address, etc.


The Washington Post also felt it was in the public interest to point out that the account holder is an Orthodox Jew.



On the one hand, you have a person with an anonymous Twitter account who reposts videos of radical Leftists outing themselves.

On the other, you have a reporter from one of the most influential media outlets in the country naming this person, posting links to her business license and employer, talking to her family members, and telling the Left that she’s a Right Wing Jew.

The same paper that helped bury the Hunter Biden laptop story and attacked the NY Post for publishing it.

Scratch a Leftist and find an antisemite.

This is intended to do more than intimate, this is intended to destroy the personal life of someone who stands against them, and they will pull out every stop, including Jew-hatred, to do that.

The true nature of the Left is being exposed.  It started with at-home schooling from the pandemic.  As more and more moderate normies see what is going on, the Left loses support.

The Left is scrambling to regain the narrative.

That’s why they are attacking Musk for wanting to restore free speech to Twitter.

That’s why they are trying to stop us from calling them “groomers.”

And that is why they are trying to destroy anonymous Right Wing accounts like Libs of TikTok.

It is open war on anyone who exposes the truth behind the narrative.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Washington Post inciting hatred and possible violence against Conservative Jews”
    1. Ron Coleman also represents Legal Insurrection, does he not?

      If LOTT’s following is exploding, good for her. I’m sure that’s the opposite of what Jeff Bezos’ WaPo and Taylor Lorenz intended.

      Like I said below: The Streisand Effect is a b!tch.

  1. Turnabout is fair play. Just sayin’.

    I remember when journalists had integrity. They reported honestly, covered both sides, and called in advance to set up interviews. They only “ambush” interviews were with public officials (usually elected) at the center of controversies or scandals, who had thus far refused press access.

    Libs of TikTok is not one of those. It is a private account.

    Ambushing her private residence and harassing her family members — who likely have nothing to do with the Twitter account — is not at all the same as intercepting Ted Cruz as he leaves his campaign headquarters.

    If the Left doesn’t like what Libs of TikTok is posting, they need to police their own. She just reposts what the Left is posting themselves. It’s not like she’s making that $#!+ up.

    Her only “crime” is providing a megaphone for the Left’s crazies. That’s all.

    One more thing they don’t realize: She’s just a lightning rod. If they succeed in taking her down today, tomorrow there will be a hundred anonymous accounts reposting the Left’s crazies. (Hell, as much as I despise Twitter, I might start an account just to join in! New email address just for the purpose and everything.) The Streisand Effect is a b!tch.

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