Just a short one and a heads-up to the people of Illinois.

One of the things that is concerning about the ATF’s pistol brace + AR == SBR (Which the 5th Circuit has paused), is that if you have one, it is illegal without a tax stamp.

Put better, before you can acquire an SBR, you must get a tax stamp from the ATF. Since the ATF has decreed that a pistol brace on an AR-15 pistol makes it an SBR, you are now in possession of an SBR without a tax stamp.

Being in possession of an SBR without having that tax stamp is a felony. The ATF has kindly allowed you to document, in writing, that you are in possession of an SBR without having a tax stamp, and to request that they issue a tax stamp to you.

There is nothing that stops the ATF from turning around and prosecuting everybody that documented possession of an unregistered and untaxed SBR. I.e., turning you into a convicted felon.

Illinois has done similar with their semi-auto rifle ban. At the moment the governor signed the bill into law, the possession of one of those banned semi-auto rifles was a felony. The law says that if you register your semi-auto rifle, you can keep it and not be a felon.

Thus, you must document, in writing, that you are in possession of a banned semi-auto rifle to the state. The state can then decide to just register your semi-auto rifle, or they could decide to prosecute you for possessing an unregistered semi-auto rifle.

On the good news side of this, there is case law out of Washington State that addressed a similar issue. A bad guy was sent before the judge. The judge signed an order that made it illegal for him to possess firearms. The court then ordered him to turn over all the guns in his possession to the police.

He refused. Because the judge made it illegal for him to possess firearms, he would be incriminating himself if he were to turn those firearms over to the police.

Lots of gun nasty happening out there, but we keep making progress.

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5 thoughts on “Washington to assist Illinois?”
  1. at the same time IL is turning tens of thousands of residents in felons, they’re releasing violent criminals onto the streets ‘on their own recognizance’, against the advice of 90% of the state/district attorneys and police.
    Shows whose side the politicians are on, doesn’t it.

      1. “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party. I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation have come to it through this so called party. Therefore, beware of this party of treason.”

        — Nathaniel Grigsby, inscription on his tombstone, required in his will

  2. I chose to bring my PCC 9mm AR-15 10.5″ Faxon barrel pistol into compliance, by using the FBI compliance points-based scoresheet. The result is a pistol which requires two hands to operate and shoot, which earns zero points. I installed the now-illegal brace on a legal 16″ barrel AR-15 rifle-caliber firearm and then made the necessary changes, which cost about $110. If this unconstitutional law is reversed in the future, I’ll convert it back to its original once-legal state.
    I have to say, 9mm pistol produces three-inch groups at 150 yard zero with cheap 115gr range loads, free standing—no wind. High 15-20 mph cross winds the groups expand to 5-6 inches. The key to having a legal compliant firearm of this kind is the 5″ buffer tube w/ no brace mount ability.
    This way, I don’t have any worries one way or the other for about half the money of a tax stamp.

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