Washington state has a rash of infringements happening. After the bills were signed into law, multiple suits were filed.

Those suits that were filed in the north, near the capitol, were heard in district court, The People lost, and the cases are on appeal with no end in sight (Ninth Circuit court)

The state went after a multitude of shops that were selling magazines and scary things. All of those cases were also heard in the northern state courts.

Now something interesting happened, a case was filed in the southern courts and The People won, sort of. They lost on appeal, if I recall correctly.

The state then attempted to pass legislation requiring that all state suits be filed in the capitol.

A small gun store in the southern part of the state in Cowlitz County called “Gator’s Guns” continued to sell “scary” things, and the state was upset at this flaunting of their infringement.

So they filed charges. But Cowlitz County is not Capitol City. The judge down there in Cowlitz County found for The People and issued a preliminary injunction enjoining the law. Meaning that people could buy “scary” things again.

83 minutes after that injunction was issued, a commissioner for the state supreme court stayed the injunction.

To understand how ridiculous this is, this implies that the commissioner read the entire order plus the request for a stay and made a reasoned response in 83 minutes.

I am a rapid reader, I don’t read that fast. Multiple lawyers have stated the same on YouTube, take it for what it is worth.

At oral arguments, the commissioner spent more time talking about himself and how he is an expert and was prepared for the stay by doing his research, that he was prepared when the request for a stay came in.

That stay is still in place.

This week the Washington state supreme court agreed to consider the case. This is the state equivalent of granting cert.

It is unlikely to be great news for The People, given how the commissioner acted. But it is going to happen.

Maybe Rahimi will issue before they hear the case, and they will learn something good from the Supreme Court.

The state supreme court is a court that is inferior to the US Supreme Court.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Washington v. Gator’s Guns, an update”
  1. haven’t you noticed what ever the US Supreme Court says, especially 2A , falls on deaf ears… democrat run areas only care about what THEY want. its long past time for the lanterns and pitchforks.. and gd republicans shrug and do nothing.

  2. The state supreme court is a court that is inferior to the US Supreme Court.
    Anybody want to write the Hawai’i Supreme Court and let them know? They didn’t seem to get the message.

  3. It’s why I call it The Peoples Repubelick of Pugetopia. I have heard it also called The Soviet of Seattle, even though Olympia is the capitol of the state..

    It’s the 20 to 25 mile zone around Puget Sound, with some exclusions for some zones on the west side of the Sound. Most of the rest of the state is relatively sane. (With the exception of Spokane, but it’s only about 25 minutes to Idaho from there.)
    The ‘Commissioner’ made himself look like a horses ass, but what else is new for a liberal Democrat..

  4. These days many, perhaps most judicial rulings are not based on fact, law or reasoning. They are based on feelings and agendas. It’s why our “legal” (sic) system is broken beyond repair. For many judges the bench is now a bully pulpit to be used to impose their beliefs on everyone.

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