New York City is an absolute fucking hellhole.


I guarantee you that if that dude wasn’t as big as he is, those kids would have tried to rob him or worse.

Faces completely covered, attacking from behind, it’s obvious they are experienced at criminal mischief.

This guy was just more prey than they were capable of taking, so they harassed him instead.

His tactic of recording them helped too, but recording doesn’t stop violence. It only let’s the police see who did it.

Carry everywhere, both lethal and non lethal, and watch your back.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Watch your six”
  1. bear spray is on the way to my house. meanwhile in addition to Mr Kimber and a shiiteload of mags is Mr Ghost, a .45 acp SBR with 4 13 round mags. if the boss ever peeks in my center console he will shiite himself… I WILL get home.
    ny and all the blue run areas are a 3rd world cesspool… the blue muthafakers are worse than roaches..

    1. Get regular pepper spray. IANAL, but I’ve heard of people getting onto trouble for using bear spray on humans. It’s that little warning label that says, “obey the law in the use of this product” or something like that. The right DA will nail you for it saying you used something too powerful for humans.

  2. I testified in a trial in Staten Island a couple of months ago. I definitely felt unsafe walking outside. Just going from my hotel to a local pizza joint I ran into a couple of crazy people and a couple of younger males who were clearly stoned. Not to mention the panhandlers. A recent trip to DC was even worse. I’ve pretty much decided never to leave my hotel room without an escort when I travel to cities like that.

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