There have been two of these attacks caught on video on the last few days.



Mobs of teenagers running up behind a lone victim to jump him from behind and beat him up.

Security requires the use of all of your senses.

Pay attention to the sounds around you.

Listen for the sound of people running up behind you.

Try to scan behind you occasionally.  You do it when you drive, do it when you walk.

And carry and be prepared to defend yourself.

Don’t be the victim of some teenage thugs who think jumping and kicking a guy in the head is a game.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Watch your six”
  1. i drag a Milwaukee packout around at work.. it has plastic rumbly wheels on it. im a big knuckle dragging neanderthal.. I can regularly get with 6 INCHES of people before they realize Im there… you watch people pushing shopping carts down an aisle, they get a foot away and look disgusted that Im blocking the aisle WORKING.. stupid is deep. and liberal run areas the stupid is king sized.

    1. Leftist prosecutors will look at either of those videos and say, “They (eventually) walked away and let the victim get up, ergo it’s not attempted murder. It’s simple assault, which is not worth my time.” The fact the level of force used could very well have ended with the victim dead or seriously and permanently injured won’t matter.
      Contrarily, those same prosecutors will expend every resource to prosecute anyone who draws a firearm to defend themselves from an attack like this — unprovoked, with 6-8 determined attackers throwing kicks and heavy blows — even if no shots are fired, because presenting a firearm is … a level of force that could cause death or serious injury. Ergo, “attempted murder”.
      If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have none at all.

    2. Paul: great advice for areas where it’s known to happen. But “emergent” areas are a problem in that regard.

  2. I’ve gotta go to Baltimore on work in the net few months. My employer prohibits carrying weapons while on duty or on assigned travel. So I’m basically screwed if something happens. I guess I’ll just tell my wife to sue the f*** out of my employer and the state of Maryland if I die unable to defend myself as I would if I were on personal time. That’s a pretty poor consolation if you ask me…

    1. B.Zh: Orrr, you can carry just-in-case and take your chances if you need to use it.

      That may or may not have been my successful [knock on wood] strategy in places that prohibit carry but don’t wand/frisk people.

      I carried at a previous job even though I would be fired if caught. I chose the potential defensive tool over the possibility of job termination.

      1. …and I’m right there with you Rick. Unfortunately, I will be flying with several of my colleagues, so checking a firearm at the ticket counter is a no-go.

        1. B.Zh: Ah flying where you may have to concede that you don’t have a permit at the other end of your journey. That has changed a couple of my travel plans.

          Traveling with colleagues—another level of oh oh. 😉

    2. Don’t forget to email HR for a policy clarification so its in writing and discoverable.
      Send any answer to your private email and include the email headers from the response message from HR. You now know time, date, and parties to find the specific email and you have the headers that prove it is real.

      1. I appreciate the comment Lenard, but what you suggest will not be necessary. The policy is well published and absolutely discoverable without additional clarification.

  3. It’s long past time to stop playing by Queensbury rules in a urban jungle inhabited by feral chimps, gorillas and baboons, praying on the weak idiot that votes for this diversity.
    Worrying about breaking a few rules, not being armed, not being hyper aware and vigilant in these areas,when these rules are followed by a minority of civilized fellow beings. It will get you one thing… just as dead, just as disabled for life, just as hurt, as living in these places is and not having the sense by now to get out.
    It’s long past time good folks step up and take back this country from this insanity…These animals need to know what punishment is supposed to be And taste some real pain for once also. (oh and just so you know, I’m black).
    We need to get some good ex military, spec ops types and throw/schedule a little surprise party in these hellhole areas, have a solo, unarmed brave white male or better yet female walker(fully masked to prevent the covid of course) that leads a group of urban trash pandas to a prepared killbox, Then greetings and salutations…SURPRISE! ,they blow out the candles, concluded by active patriot participants vanishing into the night, leaving a pile of garbage for the rats to feast on, and the area a bit safer for fellow travelers.

    This art form was made for this situation….long LONG past time…

    I love telling fiction stories. Wink.

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