Welcome to what the Left has created.

I guarantee you that people were more afraid of what would happen to them for confronting a black criminal than doing nothing as a white woman is attacked and robbed.

This sort of thing didn’t have to happen.  It was done on purpose.

The failure of law enforcement, social media and mainstream media that publicly shame and stoke internet hate mobs against people, this destruction of polite society was deliberate and malicious.

Society is suffering and it will get worse before it gets better.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “We are all Kitty Genovese”
  1. Video doesnt exist anymore, but Unfortunately we all know the state of things. If any one of us used force and especially if we used deadly force we would be arrested and charged and held under extreme bond while the actual perpetrator would be turned loose on a promise to appear even with their lengthy existing record of convictions for violent crimes. Then we will also have the pleasure of being sued by the perpetrators family.
    That needs to stop before people are willing to step up and help again. Or people need to stand up to that and refuse. No I won’t be arrested for being a decent human. No I won’t pay some scum, their family, and/or their estate.

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