Miguel made several posts today about an illegal immigrant who got a minimum sentence for shooting someone but January 6th protesters are still in prison.

I was watching the news about how Trump advisor Peter Navarro was arrested and put in leg irons for denying a subpoena for Executive Privilege, but Hillary lawyer Michael Sussman was acquitted by a jury that should never have made it through voir dire.  Three jurors were campaign donors and one had a daughter that went to the same school as Sussman’s daughter.

Then there was the dropping of charges against BLM rioters and people who attacked police but the prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse.

And let’s not forget Hunter Biden illegally buying a gun and getting money for hookers and drugs from the government, and nobody seems to care about it.

Anarchotyranny is a political system that seems contradictory but it’s not.

The state will act with utter tyranny against the most minor infractions committed by people who are not politically favored by the state, e.g., law abiding, middle-class American citizens who are on the Right.

The state will simultaneously not enforce or barley enforce laws against those favored by the state, e.g., radical Leftists, illegal immigrants, and Democrat partisans.

The message is: “Fear us.  If you step out of line we will crush you.  We are free to attack you, but if you defend yourself you will be destroyed.”

This is how the Soviet Union operated.  It’s how Banana Republics operate.

We are now one of those countries.

The next step is the arrest and prosecution of opposing politicians.

They will do it to Trump with the January 6th hearing.

Mark my words, if DeSantis decides to run for President in 2024, they will arrest him on something.

I don’t think there will be a peaceful way out of this.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “We are in full state of Anarchotyranny”
  1. As I have been saying for nearly two years, all of this is laid out in both “Rules for Radicals” and the CIA insurgency manual. They are following it like a new bakery employee does a cookbook.

  2. We have been in a full banana republic since November of 2020.

    It only gets worse from here, until the inevitable opening of the two-way shooting range.

    Then it’s a party.

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