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Our training up to know has been CCW as related to violent crime inflicted upon us or our loved ones.  We never trained for organized mobs with legal  (upfront or tacit) government support.

Antifa/BLM can start fires, loot the a local mom & pop business ruining decades of labor, attack anybody who opposes them and at most they spend a few hours in jail, bail posted by celebrities and released by and accomplice judiciary. If we act in counterpoint, we not only are not afforded the same legal benefits, but the book is thrown deep and heavy our way. In almost any other state of the Union, Kyle Rittenhouse would be, at worse, under house arrest and under ankle bracelet till final determination is done.  But Wisconsin, even with the unsurmountable piles of evidence pointing out to a case of self-defense, decided to treat Kyle as a mass murderer. It is so unbalanced and so dangerous that even a Illinois judge put a 30 day delay on the extradition  process.

I fear that the solution is more long term than immediate. We cannot afford to allow “reformers” elected in November. If you think there is a law for the politically affiliated with the left and one for the rest of us, you are right and the assholes that promote it are in ballots around the country.  You need to vote for candidates you have researched and show they will not accept “Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others” as working guidelines.

…I’m sure you’ve heard this before: if you’re surrounded, make the closest one bleed and the rest will probably decide they need to be somewhere else.
As Michael Bane says in his podcast this week, the Kyle Rittenhouse incident says that’s just not true anymore.  Kyle was attacked by three separate guys over a period of time; it wasn’t three guys alongside each other that were all in one group; it was spread out in time and space.  The second guy, the guy with the skateboard, knew there was gunfire and he knew Kyle had defended himself.  Kyle is running away and is chased by this guy.  The third guy, the guy with the gun in his right hand until Kyle blew off his biceps, was even farther along in time and he definitely knew that Kyle had already shot the other two guys in self defense.  The fact he was using a rifle didn’t slow down any of these guys at all.

If you have been reading this blog for a long while, you know I learned this back in 1989 in Venezuela where a bunch of rioters were trying to loot a bodega and the owner dropped at least 4 or 5 and left several wounded in wave after wave of attacks till eventually he had to evacuate with his family and the mob finally “won.”  Not a single individual in the mob had any kind of weapon, but that did not stop them.  I also learned some other lessons, but we will save them for other day.

I am not a tactical trainer so my advice counts for crap, but the only solution I see is to accept you will be screwed by the “Law” in some jurisdictions, have a long gun as minimum and a bunch of loaded magazines or easy to reach buck and slugs.  Use cover and engage from a distance.

If you can think about how else to do and how to avoid bloodshed without giving up the Republic, I am all ears. Share in teh comments.

But I fear we are too late.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

24 thoughts on “We are trained for the wrong fight.”
  1. SG is another of my daily reads.

    And yes, it appears as though out own governments have, in some cases, turned against the people they govern.

  2. Not totally, but the next step is, to put it mildly, so escalatory (is that a word? it should be) that I won’t fault ANYONE for recoiling. Hell, I hate holding the concept in my head.

    The Left succeeds because it has two things, according to David Hines: shock troopers, and institutions. So far, we’ve been focused on the shock troops.

    Maybe we need to start targeting the institutions. Make it clear to judges and prosecutors that treating antifa with kid gloves will no longer be tolerated. And that attempts to punish people for defending themselves when same judges and prosecutors have refused to do so, will result in serious repercussions.

    I don’t like this idea, but I’m not sure there are better solutions. I will happily listen to any ideas though.

    1. The institutions are more than just legal ones. They include from least to greatest celebrity, the educational system and top down social media support. Of those the two easiest to target would be celebrities and the movers and shakers of social media as they are easiest to find and track but without a purge of the education system this mess will soon repeat itself. The best bet would be to pressure the celebrities and social media mongles, then to bust apart the teachers unions, decentralize (k-12) schools and cut government backed school loans. We don’t need to go all the way back to single room school houses but having more smaller schools so every parent would have the choice between at least two schools would improve quality a lot once schools are required to compete. Most of the university problem would be solved once the unlimited tap of government money these backed loans provide is cu

    2. I think Toast is on to something here. When we’d lay out a battle (tactical to Strategic) plan, we had to identify the enemy’s ‘Center of Gravity’. All too often when planning to operate in a counter-insurgency role, most folks would default to “support of the population” as the enemy Center of Gravity. That’s not the case in our situation; I’d venture that it’s Support of the local .gov. Trying to extrapolate the remaining pieces down to how to break it is difficult. Some due to my ignorance and some due to the opaqueness of the institution. Unfortunately, it’s a long game to go that route. Thinking it through to a logical conclusion, Jury nullification might be the way. That’s require people to be prepared to do 20 – Life though…

      1. If it comes to a fight like is being discussed, prison time will be the least of our worries. Getting shot in the back by someone you thought you could trust would be more of a concern than jail time.
        Learn from groups like the Viet Kong, or the Mujahadeen, who fought, and then blended back into the civilian population. The Viet Kong, and the other Vietnamese held off the British, the French, and then the Americans for well over a hundred years. Other groups like the Mujahadeen, and the Taliban, have held off countries like the Soviet Union and the United States.
        A fight like this would require intelligence and patience. And the willingness to hit and run, when called for.

    3. ‘The Left succeeds because it has two things, according to David Hines: shock troopers, and institutions. So far, we’ve been focused on the shock troops’

      The gun owners in deep blue states have Always kept the institutions in mind. The biggest problem is that the institutions and the troopers of the Left are enabled by the vast majority of voters in our states. In other words, the Left is our neighbours and our neighbours are the Left.

      This is the biggest threat…

    4. Agreed Toastrider. Something our side needs to improve upon is finding the homes (and vacation homes) of the Mayors, DAs, judges, and media.

  3. My biggest takeaway from Rittenhouse videos was this:

    rifle slings.

    The attackers tried to pull weapon out of the kid’s hands. The sling helped to keep it where it belonged.

    I need to move away from pistols for home defence and train family in using long guns properly.

    This will suck, because they prefer pistols, and my rifles are inferior (thanks to our local laws…). My hunting shotguns are good, but low capacity (thank you again, beloved state lawmakers and their enablers, my neighbours)

  4. A couple of things I want to address here:
    1 Many on the right love to blame “the educational system” and “teacher unions” and having become a teacher in my last few years, I don’t think that is accurate. At the national level, I agree that unions are pro-Democrat. At the local level, teacher unions are a reflection of local populations. In my school, there are as many right leaning as there are left leaning teachers.

    2 What you are seeing with local and state government siding with protesters is pretty common in communist insurgencies. Our nation is polarized nearly 50/50. No matter what, half the population will be against you, no matter what side of the issue you support.

    3 The cure for government officials is twofold:
    (a) Be politically active. Get pols voted into office who support your position. That is what the commies are doing. In November, Portland is going to fall because they are running a full on Antifa member (Iannarone) against a left leaning Antifa sympathizer(Wheeler). The Antifa member is ahead in the polls. If we don’t elect pols on our side, then we have already lost.

    (b) If you live in an area that has already gone full commie, you need to move. Just remember that, when you DO get to your new home, don’t vote for the same lefty garbage that got your last home in the situation it was in that made you want to move in the first place. (I’m looking at you, New York and California expatriates)

    4 Remember that we are currently involved in a communist revolution that has developed into a full on war. Things are going to get much, much worse in the months to come.

    1. ‘Many on the right love to blame “the educational system” and “teacher unions” and having become a teacher in my last few years, I don’t think that is accurate.’

      You might be an exception to the well established rule.

      At my kids’ school they have a weekly class taught by a local policeman, where they are literally taught that ‘Guns are bad’ along with other commi crowd pleasers.

      I can cite teachers’ propaganda for hours, my kids come home and vent. Unfortunately, some of it seeps through despite my best efforts.

      Other public and private schools around are not much better, some are worse.

      Bezmenov presciently described the situation we now face when people are so deeply propagandized, they will not change their opinions no matter what evidence is presented.

      Unfortunately, some of us cannot move. We are stuck here.

      1. I am not saying that there aren’t Democrat and commie idiots in schools. I am saying that schools and teachers are a reflection of the population in the area where the school is- if you are in San Francisco, you will have a lot of liberal teachers. If you are in rural Missouri, not so much.
        At my school, I thought that I was the gun nut. It turns out that there is an English teacher in my school that has more guns than I do.
        The nation is about 50/50 left-right. So of course, teachers will likely be a reflection of that.

    2. Divemedic: (4) I agree, people on the right side of thinking need to move out of areas or cities with Black or White Socialist mayors. Just look at Portland, Rochester, LA, Chicago, etc. Murder rates are high, the police are under attacked, the mayors order them to stand down.
      Find an area that is politically stable. I myself found a county that is a sanctuary county for anti 2A laws.
      (3) in stable locations, get politically active to maintain a law abiding culture. For major and medium sized cities, its to late. Consider them lost to communism / socialism. Law abiding citizens can’t vote their way out. IMHO, it will take armed rebellion to defeat socialism in the cities. Unfortunately, the aggregate population of cities and metro areas have a higher number of voters Vs suburban / rural. Take GA for example, its on the brink of turning Blue due to Atlanta, Savannah, and many predominately Black rural counties. Once Socialist Dems get majority, GA will become the next IL.

    3. Sorry, but my sister was a teacher and left many years ago due to the indoctrination schemes of the leftists who control our education system and that has escalated beyond ridiculous in the past 30 years which has ,second, escalated the number of whiny liberals being released into the country to vote. The ONLY course of action goes along the lines of the old adage of “cut off the head and the snake dies.”

    4. Teachers may bot be a solid phalanx of Democrats, but they are not proportionately represented. A Democrat is the type who is more likely to be inclined towards teaching. Republicans are more likely to be in business, or blue collar. Even in states where there is a higher proportion of Republican teachers, it is rarely half as high as their rate in the population, and in the end they are only allowed to teach what the curriculum tells them. The curriculum is made up by majority leftist administrators. As we see in states like Vermont, they may have 40% of the population voting GOP, but as long as the left has a majority vote, the state is considered “blue”. They win everything (and of course many of these “Republicans” would be Democrats in other states). Anyway, the leftists in the administration dictate what the teachers are ALLOWED to teach, what they are REQUIRED to teach, and even if the conservative teacher was inclined to give his students some conservative ideas in his “spare time”, as it were, the left has rigged is so it’s almost impossible for a teacher to stand up for anything conservative without being liable to being accused of “racism” or “insensitivity”. So there may well be a fair number of Republican teachers, but they are effectively muzzled and forbidden to speak about their politics, while the leftist teachers have their socialism written right into the curriculum. If there is anything resembling the alleged “systemic racism” in the world, it’s the American education system, where they have it rigged so that no matter what, the output will be pro-leftist. It’s automatic. You can make any given teacher a Republican, and the result will be at most a somewhat diluted indoctrination towards the left, which is more than made up for by the overt leftism of their Democratic colleagues. The very system is designed to promote leftist politic ideas and the leftist narrative, regardless of who actually gets the job.

  5. Just some thoughts that crossed my mind reading this..

    Avoid there fight at all costs, thats all we got
    Imagine all this insurection being rightwing led…
    The body pile would be in the 1000’s,
    LE would be out there in there bearcats hosing down American Patriots with beltfeds and selectfire AR’z happily and trash trucks would be scooping up bodies by the hundreds at a time.

    Our side is behind the curve(S)…BIG.

    Initial thoughts reading….

    1-Is anyone inside these area’s running ISA type activities?
    Any safe houses/apts within these areas? All INTELL gathering, SIGINT, HUMINT, LOCINT, Designated HVT’s yet? etc etc ,,running OPs, DA etc.

    2-We don’t “appear” to have penetrated them, ya don’t read anything(perhaps its for the best) except what they want us to read.

    3-these traitors have been underestimated, those reasons are for naught.
    Big Mistake on our part… And OUR FAULT
    Stop This!!!

    the only article i have seen worth anything, came from AP.
    This twitter guy Andy Ngo, he has been getting lots and lots of pix of faces and names.(which has been being collected)

    4-The local and fed gov’t dont seem to wanna deal with it. I am sure “Optics” are playing the deciding roll there.
    Why, why is this being aloud to continue?
    That alone is a Major Clue.

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….and the commies are ahead of us this way, LARGE. VERY LARGE. In every way.
    This needs fixing.

  6. As it was in the first civil war, so it shall be in the second civil war. The states with the most economic decline, the most debt, were the most desperate, and therefore physical war ensued == “stressed areas”.

    Note: the ideological and societal foundations of war were laid over previous decades and within these elemental foundations of war, emerged the mindset for physical battle and subsequent death and destruction.

    Some areas of the original colonies did not see physical war but were contributors to one side or the other eventually–the states did all choose a side.

    So today, for instance in my home state of Florida, there are 67 counties. Within those counties there are about 9-12 counties where the foundations have been established for physical battle, I estimate within the next ten years, and perhaps within the most liberal democrat commie counties, within the next year.

    I suggest learning the exact position of your county’s judicial system, law enforcement, and governmental convictions regarding BLM and Antifa, Cancel Culture, and Socialism in general. Learn the adjoining counties positions and policies on these matters.

    Where the ideological lines fall, is where the battle lines should be established. Each state’s situation will be different in this respect. City counties however will be where Florida’s battle-lines are drawn. Border towns and villas where the masses engage economically is where the blood will be shed first.

    If you’re not training daily with a long gun, AR10 or AR15 or similar, you need to start immediately. Start to engage with your immediate neighbors and extend that relationship outward.

    The enemy is coming and their not following the law. Use a scope and engage when unlawful life-threatening actions are directed to you and your families and or associates. Knowing State Law is essential, for we do NOT want to blatantly disregard it…but abandon it as the lawlessness of the anti-Americans dictates we do so to save ourselves from grave bodily harm and or death.

  7. I read SG all the time, and Michael Bane often, and I like and respect both very highly.

    The problem of how to survive mob attacks maybe is to not target the human brain by aiming at body trunk, but instead target the lizard brain by aiming at the pelvis and nards.

    Once the mob realizes what you’re hitting is their fun tool, they can’t, won’t react the same way – they will stop thinking with their training.

    It will be – lizard brain thinks – sh*t, I don’t want that to be me.

  8. If your local justice system does not support self defense, or seeks to glue a self defender to the wall using the power of their office, well, there is your center of gravity. In Portland, there are very few people who are responsible for the utter chaos in the city. One is the country DA, who has made it policy to not prosecute Antifa insurgents, even though they are arrested night after night.

    Has anyone found out where he lives? Where his family lives? What rout(s) does he take to get to work? Does he have a protection detail? Does his family have a protection detail?

    Are you getting my hint yet?

    They do not have a deep bench at the leadership positions. They have not had to use their bench.


  9. We can recover the Republic but not within the current borders. Too many leftists are already inside the walls. We need the National Divorce.

    If it is to be CW2, we might lose and then the leftists abolish the Republic (and probably us too) and even if we win the things we will have to do to win will kill the Republic.

  10. Kyle Rittenhouse is a lot like George Zimmerman. He went looking for a fight when he had no legal, moral, or logical reason to do so. Found it, instigated it, won tactically but lost legally, and is now trying to claim victim status.
    And because the right wing brainwashing network has been for decades telling white “christians” they are the victims in this country, he has millions of blind zealots supporting him.

    When the unarmed protestors are charlottesville went looking for trouble and got run over by an angry dumb child in a Dodge Challenger, not one of you alleged conservatives felt any sympathy for them. in fact most of you said those unarmed people deserved what they got.
    This is not hypocrisy either. hypocrisy requires self awareness, which you do not possess.


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