Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and others will add a specific piece of jewelry to their wardrobes for the night, as they promote a campaign against gun violence in the United States. “This awards season, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is teaming up with Hollywood to lift up the stories of the 90 Americans killed every day by gun violence,” a press release from the campaign states. “On the red carpet, high-profile celebrities … will join the effort to shed light on the human cost of gun violence by wearing unique, hand-crafted bracelets that commemorate Americans killed or injured by gun violence.”

Source: Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell Will Campaign Against Gun Violence at Oscars :

So they get to wear a nylon string with a bronze washer and feel good about themselves! And you can get your own Elementary-School Art project for $18 at the Brady Campaign thrift shop.

Unfortunately for Brady et all, the few people who will be watching the Oscars will be more interested in seeing if Chris Rocks messes up or if some butt-hurt BlackLivesMatter activist streaks the stage in protest of  not having black actors get their own Oscar awards for not being part of a decent movie last year.

Oh well…

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “We glorify violence, drugs and stupidity but stand for Gun Control.”
  1. Bryan Cranston? Heisenberg??? Mr. Automatic trunk-mounted M60 machine-gun “yer goddam right” Heisenberg is pro gun control? What you have to do to get invited to Hollywood cocktail parties these days…… Sheesh!

  2. Soooo… They make money off violent movies with graphic violence, and now they’re playing at this??? Not no, but hell no! More movies I won’t watch… Although to be honest, I can’t think of anything I’ve watched that had them in it.

  3. How about we take a look at those “90” Americans killed daily by “gun violence”. That equals the false 32000 number they bandy about. So, there effort is based on their bedrock of lies. The true number is about 8000.

    How so? Well, did they remove suicides? Nope, and those do not count because depressed people can use alternate means. So, just padding their numbers.

    Did they remove justifiable shootings by police and citizens killing criminals engaged in violent crime? Nope. How can those count since these justifiable homicides saved the life of an innocent person.

    Did they mention that the vast majority of the 8000 annual homicides are gang members in the drug trade killing each other. In other words, criminals killing criminals. I’m not going to shed too many tears when they die. Sorry.

  4. Thanks, I can’t take too much credit. Other people have noticed this trend to abuse the statistics (i.e. lie). Facts are a stubborn thing and it is important to call them on it.

    While it is only a small contributor to the tally, I am always peeved when they lump in the SOBs who have been shot by police or good citizens as “victims” when they are nothing of the sort.

    One final point I wish to make is that the vast majority of people murdered in which a firearm was used, the person with the gun could not legally possess it proving that background checks, registration, magazine limits, caliber size restrictions, waiting periods, gun free zones, and all other manner of gun control schemes had zero impact on that crime. ALL gun control measures are inherently unConstitutional and axiomatically inefficacious.

  5. They don’t think us “normals” are competent enough to own a firearm, but yet they think it’s A-OK to expose us to media depicting many instances of the misuse of a firearm.

    They think we are stupid, then they think we are smart – sheesh.

    It’s all about money and control in the end.

  6. You know, I actually like that minimalist design. Waxed leather cord (3 strands?) with a brass ring in the center, I could make that at home. Except mine would be factory stamped with “.45 ACP”, “9 mm”, or even “.50 BMG”. Now where’s my dremel tool…

  7. So Hollywood has taking to wearing gris-gris to stop gun violence. Maybe if you wear one in a gun free zone, it will do more to protect you.

  8. Morning after. I looked for those trashy things. Never saw them. Maybe they got a clue, and didn’t wear them.

  9. You know the best part? That necklace looks like a cut-out of the end of a large caliber center rifle round. Oh the irony.

  10. I wonder if all the drugs these stars take have anything to do with them being liberals.Brain cells are a terrible thing to waste.

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