If the Venn Diagram for people that hate guns and the people who hate pickup trucks isn’t a perfect circle, it’s pretty fucking close.

The people who hate trucks talk about truck owners the way the people who hate guns talk about gun owners, i.e., exactly how radical Leftists talk about anyone they don’t like.

“We need to send those people to a gulag until they agree with us or are dead.”


See, he doesn’t like trucks so the government should just crush people’s hard earned money and then send them to prison.

I’m tired of these people ranting about shit like this.

I have two pickups and two safes full of guns, please try something so we can finish this once and for all.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “We need a 2A for cars”
  1. Welp…. I personally F’in HATE subarus and Toyota prius… even the name sounds pussy.. so can I form a group who advocates imprisonment and destruction of prius and subaru cars and owners?? Its just another kind compassionate liberal expressing their opinion… its amazing these azzholes can’t see the irony…. Oh well , he will mouth off and get his ass handed to him one day and then cry victim… please, please won’t the zombie apocalypse come!….

  2. Mostly these are the same type of people that have never been outside of a dense urban enclave and have no idea that a huge portion of the country actually use those trucks to work.

    A common argument I’ve seen is that many modern US trucks are larger than their predecessors so are ‘not needed’, usually combined w/ some BS about Eurotrash getting along just fine w/o pickups and how a gazillion more people are killed each year by pickups than there used to be.

    And FYI, I own both a Prius and a Toyota ‘Earthf&cker’ pickup.

  3. When my wife commuted 90+ miles per day and during the time when I was commuting 160 miles per day and 1400 on the weekends, we really loved the Prius.
    Not because it was saving the planet. We loved it because it was saving our wallets.
    We no longer have the Prius. We drove it to death.11 years and more than 250,000 miles on the clock.
    I now drive a pickup truck. I no longer have that long commute. My wife no longer has that long commute. The pickup truck is much more worth while to us. We use it weekly for dump runs. We use it when we need just a little bit of gravel. Or to take the lawnmower or snowblower in for yearly maintenance.
    My wife drives a Jeep Compass. Again, her commute is only a few miles per day. She drives more for moving kids around than she does for commuting.
    Our needs are different than some city person that uses public transportation and gets upset if they have to wait more than 15 minutes for a bus/train. Out here, it is 30 minutes for a taxi or uber. The bus doesn’t come out here and the nearest bus stop that will do you any good is more than 20 miles away. So let the person living in a hive choose to walk or cycle where they want. I have no problems letting them do what they want. If they would just leave us alone.

  4. Much like the children they are at heart, they have “figured it out.” and you had better comply with their plan. And, Therefore is expecting them to be adult about something, but they cannot. They do not have enough life experience, or the intellect to understand that others do not agree with their assessment or conclusions. It always turns into “I will take my ball and go home.” when there is conflict. Instead of accepting loss, they will upset the game board.

  5. Bet they’re the first one to call their friend with a truck when they need halp moving.
    Pretty simple, just ask you urban overlords to ban cars except for delivery trucks in your city hellhole. You get to live youe way and everyone else can go on ignoring you.

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