Some areas of society are righting themselves after the Left’s overreach.

I’ve covered three Leftists prosecutors getting curbed.

There is a fast and growing backlash against the queer takeover of schools, and transgender ideology and drag queens forced on children.

The next is fat pride or fatphobia.

I thought this would have gone away on 2021 when we discovered that being obese was the top comorbidity with COVID fatalities.

COVID kills fat people.

If you want a better chance at surviving COVID, don’t be fat.

A treadmill and gym membership is far better protection against COVID than the vaccine.

But I guess that wasn’t enough of a shock.

Miguel wrote about a teenager, who at nearly 400 lbs, died when he fell off a rollercoaster.

Now I’m bringing you a story of a plus sized model who was too far for horseback riding.

TikTok Star Remi Bader Says Ranch Mistreated Her and Refused to Let Her Ride Horses Due to Her Weight
Remi Bader said the incident at Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York was “very embarrassing”

Fashion influencer and curve model Remi Bader claims that a ranch wouldn’t allow her to ride horses due to her weight.

On Saturday, the social media star, 26, shared a TikTok which detailed her experience at Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, New York.

“Shoutout to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for making me leave because I weigh over 240,” she wrote over a clip of the ranch.

In the caption of the video, Bader claimed she has experience riding horses and “never had this issue,” adding, “Please adverise this on your signs for the future.”

The Ranch has it on their website that riders should not be more than 15% the weight of a horse, which seems to be about 240 lbs.

Thats also an industry standard for the health of horses.

She is 5-foot, 7-inches tall and is within 10 lbs of my 6-fooy, 3-inch manly frame.

She’s fat.

She decided she would shame the ranch for not letting her distress one of their horses with her fat ass.

Good on the ranch.

She needs to save a horse and ride a Peloton.

I get it.  I’ve suffered a weight problem all my life. But through diligence, self control, and hard work I managed to come to a position that it manageable for me.

Fat pride is just another turning a vice into victim status.

Self indulgence and a lack of self control into “society is prejudiced against me.”

No.  Fuck you.

Get yourself under control if you want to ride a horse or go on a rollercoaster or reduce your chances of dying of COVID.

I hope the pushback against this sucks for fat people.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “We need to bring back fat shaming”
  1. Where is PETA in all of this. At the very least they ought to be standing up for the horse against this fatty. Libs eating their own in all……

  2. That poor critter. There used to be all kinds of get active programs from Presidential Fitness Tests to just being able to go run around the woods.

  3. I keep waiting for some 400 lb person to complain about not being able to skydive, and maybe pushing to be allowed. It had better be a solo — no sane tandem master would risk his own life on a stunt like that. 🙂

    1. Heh. Not everybody is the same.

      I’ve always been “big.” I was a fat kid, am a fat adult, and will die a fat old man. Happily, my family tends to be long-lived in spite of it. I’m 6’1″ and weigh 265lbs, and am known as “Little Bill” in my family because I’m the shortest and sknniest in the clan. When people in my family start losing weight, it means they have a terminal illness. I lost 60 lbs to join the Army, kept it off for 12 years, and was sick and felt like crap every day I was in uniform. When I got out, I put on 40 lbs in about a month, and felt great — and I’ve felt great ever since. My total cholesterol level is 90, my triglycerides are 80, my blood pressure is 130/65.

      The only downside for my family is that we are all orthopedic nightmares. We are all active, and we wear out. All of my uncles ended up in wheelchairs by the time they were 70. My dad had both his knees replaced at 78. I had a hip swapped out at the age of 63.

      My father taught me a secret. I got very depressed one time as an adolescent; it’s hard for fat kids to get laid. He told me that there was probably nothing I could do about my weight, but that there was something I could do about my composition. He told me to start resistance training. What I found was that my weight didn’t change (until I basically fasted for a few months to make height/weight for the Army), but I *did* change the relative amount of fat versus muscle. I’m still a fat guy, don’t get me wrong, but people consistently underestimate my weight because I am strong and I can move. As I get older (I’m now 67) , mobility is more and more an issue, particularly as my joints fail. But resistance training keeps things moving. It turns out that if you can squat a couple hundred lbs, you can probably get out of a chair.

      For people like me, it may be better to stop harping on weight and start encouraging training.

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